Although Cairo is brimming with a plenty of shopping attractions, the flea marketplaces steal the show and rank high on the itinerary of swarms of keen vacationers who spend on tickets for flights arriving in Egypt.


Cairo, Egypt is inundated with countless shopping destinations but it is the flea markets that reflect the essence of the nation’s cultural flair. These pulsating bazaars remain the purveyor for those wishing to bask in the local flavors and enjoy shopping at the same time! Surely, a visit to the flea markets completes the experience and paybacks for the money spent on flights tickets. Here is a rundown to some of the popular marketplaces in Cairo that resonate with a local vibe and make for fitting places for one of a kind retail therapy!

Khan El-Khalili

Situated in the Islamic district of Cairo, Khan El-Khalili is a giant open-air space and remains a compelling stop for all shoppers who make tickets reservations for flights landing in Cairo, Egypt. The shouts and calls of merchants selling myriads of items, from perfumes to rustic glassware, catch the fancy of one and all. Haggling is the name of the game here. Tourists who visit the place would find that it is also home to the most popular silver marketplace in the city. In addition, there is panoply of coffeehouses, eateries and street food vendors that take care of the gastronomic needs. The gratifying experience and an array of shopping opportunities are the rare prerogatives that vacationers booking flights tickets enjoy here.

Souq Al Goma’a

Souq Al Goma’a, under Al-Tonssy flyover, is one of the largest flea markets in Egypt that is as much a hit with tourists as it is loved by the locals. One can buy every conceivable item here, from utensils to furniture, at exceedingly cheap prices. Souq Al Goma’a always thrives with a vibrant atmosphere, which adds to the appeal. Foreign tourists who land here would be astounded to find sights like street performers eating glass and swallowing fire while magicians carry out their card tricks. All in all, it promises a sea of experiences for rovers and lives up to every penny one spends on buying cheap flights tickets deals.

Gold Bazaar

There is no better than place than Gold Bazaar in Cairo for laying hands on the revered metal. From basic gold jewellery to Pharaonic-styled ornaments, one will find the best deals here.  The star attraction is cartouches that can be easily obtained from Mihran and Garbis Yazejian Jewellers, the popular cartouche maker in the bazaar. Travellers buying gold are advised to compare prices as they may get the same stuff much cheaper elsewhere in the place. It is not surprising to know that the market enjoys immense popularity among Egyptians and foreign travellers who bag tickets for cheap flights arriving in Egypt.

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