Dubai is heaven when it comes to shopping and you will make the best buys of your life if you simply know where to go looking.


Souk Madinat

Souk style markets are very famous in Dubai and one of such fine examples is the Souk Madinat. Enjoy the charm of Arabian Nights style bazaars, where you find the most colourful, most interesting things such as sculptures and pieces of art, shops that sell, clothes, jewellery, shoes, handbags and so on. There are a number of fine dining restaurants here too, and you can have a swell time simply souk-hopping and finding the best bargains.

Spice Souk

There is a spice souk where you can find all the spices you ever dreamt of and more. You find the most exotic, fragrant and scintillating scents here, owing to the spices here that are imported from various parts of the Middle East. Dried to fresh, crude or ground, you can find spices here in whatever form you wish. You will pass by shops that serve these colourful spices and can select what you want to buy; taking home this precious cargo to use for cooking curries, baking cakes and preparing some of the best savoury dishes ever. Different sorts of pulses, fruits etc are available too. You can test samples before purchasing a batch as well.

Dubai Flea Market

There are several locations in Dubai where you can spot the city flea markets. Some of the most popular ones being Jumeira Lake Towers, Zabeel Park, The Greens and so on. There are several amazing things you can find here such as antiques, furniture, clothes etc. You can find remarkable deals if you bargain a bit.

Perfume Souk

One of the things Dubai is famous for is perfumes. The Perfume Souk as the name suggests is a market place where you can find the best perfumes in all the land. There are several brands as well as home blends available and you can sample every one of them before you plan to buy. Imagine rows and rows of amazingly scented shops and you get to take a whip of vanilla, a little of exotic fruits or flowers, a blend of coffee beans – anything that suits your choices and requirements.

Gold Souk

One of the things people from across the world travel to Dubai for is gold and you can find pure and affordable gold in the city. There are amazing designs and the carat quality available is high and you can get some of the finest jewellery here. The best part is that you can bargain for jewellery too.

Dubai Shopping Festival

One of the most awaited events in the UAE is the annual Dubai Shopping festival. Sellers from across the world gather here in this beautiful souk style markets and sell their products. It is usually held in the month of December each year, with the dates varying slightly. Here you can find the best of clothes, jewellery, gadgets, antiques, home decor and so on. There are other events that go on with the festival such as dance, fire and light shows, circus acts and so on. This makes it more than just a market, it’s a festival and people look forward towards celebrating it all the year long.

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