Dubai is one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world because it has something for all kinds of visitors. While appreciators of architecture can find gratification at viewing the Burj Khalifa or the Palm Islands, the lovers of grandeur can get mesmerised at the Dubai Mall. And if you love taking back souvenirs from your holidays, there’s hardly a place as well equipped at leaving traces of its culture and tradition in little things as Dubai.

Here are top 7 things you can take back as souvenirs from ‘The City of Gold’.

Camel Milk Chocolate

A delicacy found only in Dubai, the Camel Milk Chocolate is a great souvenir to bring home for its exquisiteness only. Add to it the fact that almost everyone among your friends and family has a high chance of appreciating a sweet indulgence; the camel milk chocolates are your safest bet. As Nassma is the only company that produces the chocolate and you can buy it duty free from their kiosk in any of the major malls in the city including the Dubai Mall.

Dubai Dates

Dubai Dates are known for their richness all over the world, and being an important part of the middle-eastern culture, they make for a delicious as well as healthy souvenir. These energy-boosting dates with soft and juicy centres can be bought fresh from the Deira Food Market whereas the packaged dates can be picked from any supermarket. Trust Bateel Dates, specially exported from Saudi Arabia, and you won’t regret spending a pound.

Persian Rugs and Carpet

To woo the ladies in the family back home or anyone with taste for premium, high-quality furnishing items, this is an excellent choice for a souvenir. Persian rugs are known for their fine patterns and fabrics and Dubai remains one of the best places for a convenient purchase of these. Find them at the National Iranian Carpets, Persian Carpet House or at one of the many Dubai souks.

Perfume Oil

Available in hundreds of different fragrances and mixtures, the perfume oils are one of the most convenient items to carry back home in your suitcase. Made from original plant sources, these alcohol-free perfume oils have remained an essential part of the middle-eastern culture. Once accessible and permissible only for the use of the royalty, these perfume oils are now available in many shops at the malls and the Dubai airport. Perfume Souk at Deira also sells many variants of perfumes for various budgets.

Pashmina Shawls

Nothing says ‘I love you’ better than a soft, light and delicate pashmina. Made from cashmere, and often blended with silk, pashmina is a perfect souvenir for special women in your life. Expensive to buy, these shawls justify their cost by being effective against the cold, light on shoulders, and beautiful to look at. They come in many delicate patterns and stunning colour combinations; you can buy keeping in mind the lucky person receiving the gift. Pashmina House, Textile Souk and Karama Market are the best places to buy a pashmina.

Dubai Spices

When buying for a food connoisseur or someone who is excited at the thought of consuming fine, rich flavours in food, think of the Dubai spices. Some of these fragrant spices remain unique to the UAE, and have been enhancing the taste of the cuisine in this part of the world for centuries. Buy them at the Spice Souk or at a supermarket, and savour the bold flavours of Dubai, even when you have left its several miles behind.

Coffee and Arabic Coffee Pots

If you like experimenting with your coffee or know someone who does, you will not want to miss the chance to take home the authentic Arabic Coffee, known for its strong flavours. Besides, you can also buy traditional Arabic coffee pots of copper to serve your coffee or to be used as a decorative item in your home. The Dubai Coffee Museum is the best place to find coffee in Dubai.

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