Dubai is notorious for being elusive to a budget traveller. It is believed that in a bid to build new records and towering skyscrapers and to ensure their sustainability, the city has gone out of reach for those looking for humble experiences that won’t leave their wallets empty. To burst the myth and to prove that Dubai has plenty of experiences even for those looking to explore the city without losing all their pounds, we’ve put together a list of top five free experiences that one can have in the ‘City of Gold’.

Discover Old Dubai in Traditional Souks and Al Fahidi District

Dubai’s dusty backdoors, marked by its narrow alleyways, quaint houses, old tower houses, cafes and art galleries, have as much charm for inquisitive tourists as its glittering malls and skyscrapers. It is in these lanes that Dubai sheds its image of one of the most captivating cosmopolitan cities in the world and develops a peculiar character, one that speaks of its history and its roots. The Al Fahidi District is especially popular as are the age-old souks where you can spend a good few hours people-watching and observing your surroundings even if you don’t intend to make a purchase.


Watch a Camel Race at Al Marmoon Racetrack

If you need an adventure that gives you a surge of adrenaline in Dubai, watching a camel race at Al Marmoon Racetrack will do just the trick for you. A unique experience that amuses most travellers, especially the first-timers; watching a camel race is highly intensive and often leaves the spectators on the edge of their seats. The greatest news for budget travellers, though, is that you can have this experience without rocking your holiday budget hard as the racetrack arranges for free viewing of certain morning and evening races.

Spend Rejuvenating Time at Beaches

Dubai boasts an array of white-sand beaches that are free to access for everyone. These beaches are equipped with all modern amenities that are desirable by beach-goers including showers, changing rooms, chalets, volley ball nets, sun loungers and more. If you are tired of sightseeing in Dubai and your wallet is emptying faster than you expected, consider spending a day sunbathing and relaxing at one of free public beaches in city.  Some of the most popular public beaches in Dubai are Jumeirah Bach Residence, Burj Beach, Mamzer Beach Park, Jumeirah Beach Park, Kite Beach, Jebel Ali Beach among many others.

Enjoy the Visual Delight of the Dubai Fountain

The breathtaking beauty of the 30-acre Dubai Lake is made even more prominent by the mesmerising Dubai Fountain. Situated at the base of Burj Khalifa, one of the most popular tourist attractions in Dubai, the Dubai Fountain is famed for its awe-inspiring Dubai Dancing Water Fountain Show that beholds the crowds of visitors every 30 minutes for about 3-4 minutes with its bedazzling light and music show. Although a free experience, it is hard to find the perfect view of the fountain due to large number of crowds; make sure you secure your place early.

Visit the Camel Museum

Camels are ubiquitous in desert regions and have historically played a critical role in transportation in these areas; Dubai is no exception. Therefore, it is not a surprise that the city has a museum dedicated to camels in the Al Shindagha Area. There are many different sections in the museum, each of them dedicated to the history of camels in the UAE and their prominent role in the life of the Arabian people. The museum remains open Sunday to Thursday between 8am- 2pm.

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