A 48-year-old freeclimber, nicknamed Spiderman, will attempt to climb the world’s tallest building next week.

A world-famous French daredevil will attempt to climb Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building on Monday (March 28th), it has been reported.

Alain Robert has earned the nickname ‘Spiderman’ for his death-defying freeclimbing achievements, which regularly involve no safety equipment and often result in police fines and arrests.

However, on this occasion Mr Robert has bowed to Dubai officials and agreed to use a rope and harness for his six-hour attempt to reach the top of the 828 metre-high skyscraper.

Mr Robert, 48, told the Associated Press of his struggles with health and safety officials: “I was trying and trying to get the approval, and it was always a big, big no.”

However, he is still excited by the climb, adding: “This one is quite challenging. You can see that the surface… is very slippery. And all the ledges are very small.”

Visitors taking flights to Dubai next week are expected to gather at the foot of the building to wish him luck before the record-breaking attempt

Written by Nicholas Scott

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