The luxurious haven amidst the hot desert, Dubai leaves travellers with a lot of memories to treasure. But no trip can be complete without buying souvenirs and gifts. The shopper’s paradise has a lot on offer for travellers to choose and to take back home. We have listed 15-top souvenirs buys for you.



The good news for shoppers is that gold is duty-free in Dubai. You may buy big as well as small ornaments at one of the largest gold markets in the world, Dubai Gold Souk Deira. The place spoils you for choice with countless varieties of high quality gold.

Rugs & Carpets

Dubai promises a stunning range of rugs and carpets from Persia and Iran. These meticulously designed carpets serve as comforting and warm reminders of your trip to the emirate. From hand-made rugs to posh carpets, buy anything that steals your heart.

Frankincense & Myrrh

The priceless knick-knacks worth bringing back home from Dubai are Frankincence, Orange blossom water, Myrrh, and saffron. You can easily bargain and get these at best prices from local markets and shops.

Arabic Perfumes & Oudh / Bakhoor – Attar

The traditionally worn fragrances, Oudh and Bakhoor are delineated as ‘Fragrances of Dubai’. Choose from a variety of soft and strong fragrances suiting your taste. This affordable souvenir can be easily found in the shops and malls of Dubai.

Camel Milk Soap

Buy these all-natural soaps in different fragrances such as lavender, orange, cinnamon, peppermint, and rosemary. Take home these soaps prepared with camel milk, olive oil, and pure essential oils.


The renowned spices of Dubai with perfect aroma and taste are something hard to miss during shopping. Buying these from local markets can be a lot cheaper than the supermarkets. One can also visit Spice Souk Deira, the famous spice market with heaps of healthy and appetizing spices.

Arabic Almond Dates

‘Bateel’, a popular delicacy of Dubai, is a tempting chocolate coated and almond filled date. Buy these delicious sweets as souvenirs for your loved ones. These are packed in eye-catching shapes and styles for shoppers.


The delicate and stylish Pashminas are among the most purchased items in Dubai. Pashmina shawls are 100% silk and never seem to go out of fashion.

Shisha Kits

With an array of Hookah lounges and Shisha Bars, it is indeed the best place to make your own collection of Shisha flavours. Bring back home a complete Shisha Kit with an assortment of distinct flavours.

Camel-milk Chocolate

With a natural preparation process, camel milk chocolate is a delicious way to increase immunity. Take your pick from a wide array of chocolates. These are also said to be natural health boosters.

Quran Stands

The traditional Quran stand designed here will make you remember the designs around the Ka’aba in Mecca. The beautifully decorated stand, generally made of wood, is a perfect thing to buy back from Dubai.

Traditional Arab Shoes

Shop for traditional Arab shoes, the kind that Aladdin wore. Fashioned with today’s approach, the shoes are designed in attractive styles and versions for men and women. The famous thread-work and beaded traditional shoes tops the wish list of many people.

Silk Scarf

Girls can visit the artsy Al Quoz district to buy trendy and fashionable attires, especially handmade silk scarves designed in graceful Arabesque calligraphy.

 Kava Pots and Coffee Sets

Kava is acid neutralised pure coffee and it’s usually served in gold- or silver- lined special pots, while the cups are made of silver or copper and have a gold or silver rim. The carrying tray is also of gold or silver. These are often family heirlooms in traditional Arab homes.

Dried Fruits

Stunning Dubai is loved for a plethora of sumptuous and high-quality dried fruits. A popular souvenir, dried fruits are affordable and easy to carry back home.

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