According to the lunar calendar, the holy month of fasting is expected to start on June 28th, 2014. Many spiritual souls are found in search for tickets aboard flights to visit Dubai and gain some divine experiences. Here’s a sneak-peek at the destination and the festival!


Dubai, one of the dream destinations of many leisure seekers, is packed with every essential ingredient that promises a perfect holiday experience. Featuring soaring towers, iconic buildings of different shapes, traditional busy bazaars and exciting shopping scene; it compels hordes of travellers to look for lucrative deals on tickets aboard flights bound for this radiant emirate of the UAE. However, what drives the sale of air tickets to this city, especially during June-July, is the holy occasion of Ramadan! Many religious souls are found struggling for grabbing seats on flights to visit Dubai during these sacred months to gain some cultural as well as spiritual benefits. The article provides a brief guide about this ‘fasting season’ and shares some tips for those reserving air tickets to Dubai. Check it out!

On this spiritual day, Muslims observe fasts for a month, depending upon the sightings of the moon. While observing fasts from dawn to dusk; Islam community are prohibited from eating, smoking, consuming alcohol, engaging in intimate sexual activity etc. As a matter of fact, the true meaning of fasting is to conquer every worldly desire! However, medically unfit people and pregnant women do not observe the rituals.

Celebration in Dubai

Muslims celebrate this festive season all over the world, especially at various places in the UAE. In fact, Dubai receives a good number of travellers, mostly devout, in this period. Though Dubai is a year round destination, in the months of June and July, expats and foreign tourists are found on a quest for tickets on flights to this destination to participate in this pious occasion. Like other Islamic areas, Dubai’s social and cultural customs also remain very strict during Ramadan. It is illegal to eat and drink in public places. Though international travellers (people who belong to non-Islamic creed) do not need to follow the custom; eating, smoking and drinking are not allowed in public. One of the greatest prerogatives of booking flight tickets and touring Dubai during Ramadan is extraordinarily scrumptious food at Iftar  (breaking of the fast after sunset) buffets. These buffets are available at many restaurants and eating outlets. Non-fasters can gorge on the eclectic range of traditional cuisines and delicacies of UAE.

Tentative Date

Ramadan is part of the Lunar Calendar and begins with the sighting of the new moon. Since the Lunar Calendar is eleven days shorter than the Gregorian calendar, Ramadan comes eleven days earlier every year which allows fasting in various seasons and weather conditions. Ramadan for the year 2014 is expected to begin on June 28th depending on the sighting of the moon.

Flights Connectivity

Dubai is accessible by flights from all major airports around the world. Various leading airlines operate scheduled flights from different parts of the globe, including the United Kingdom, to this beautiful emirate of the UAE. Popular choices for air travel to Dubai are Gulf Air, KLM Royal Dutch, Virgin Atlantic, Oman Air, Air France and American Airlines. Talking particularly about travellers booking air tickets from London to Dubai; Emirates – the destination carrier, and British Airways – the flag carrier of the UK remain the most preferred choices to board flights.

Some Useful Tips

  • Travellers contemplating to reserve tickets in June-July to be the part of this festival in Dubai are advised to book tickets early to avoid the last minute rush.
  • Britons disembarking flights at Dubai in the holy month of fasting are warned by The Foreign Office regarding eating, smoking and drinking in public places. Violating the rule can lead to imprisonment.

Foreign tourists purchasing tickets to board flights to this emirate for the sacred occasion should show respect to the Islamic culture and dress modestly while visiting any mosque or going out in public. Women must cover their knee and shoulders out of respect.

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