Enjoying a cheap holiday in Dubai or Australia is one thing, but extending your trip by eight years is an opportunity few of us can take – unlike one adventurous Japanese man.

A Japanese man has revealed an amazing feat he has achieved over the last eight years – he cycled through 37 countries after leaving home with the equivalent of just £1 in his pocket.

Keiichi Iwasaki, aged 36, set out in 2001 to cycle across his home country, but had such a good time that he caught a boat to South Korea and began an epic journey alone across the continent and beyond.

Some of the countries he took in along the way were Tibet, India, Iran, Laos, Greece, England and Switzerland, but his proudest achievement was climbing Mount Everest.

In total, he travelled 45,000 kilometres, becoming ill due to a bite from a rabid dog at one point and almost getting married while in Nepal.

”Most travellers and adventurers need money but instead of giving up an opportunity to travel the world, I want to clarify that dream can come true if you have a strong will,” Mr Iwasaki said.

Another adventurer who has caught the attention of the travelling community is French man Thierry Posty, who has toured more than 100 countries on horseback.

Written by Alex Cochrane

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