Even budget vacationers have started to look out for flights tickets for travelling to Dubai, a top holiday destination in UAE that is mainly seen as a luxury location fit only for wealthy folks. Smart planning can result in considerable savings.


The glittering emirate of Dubai is a wonderful holiday destinations for any and everyone who has enough pounds in his pockets! Dubai is a lavish holiday hotspot and the row of hotels and resorts in the region make it a truly extravagant vacation stopover. Not surprisingly, many loaded guests will find this emirate a perfect den to enjoy a wide spread of opulent offerings that actually go beyond accommodation. But Dubai isn’t pleased. It is striving for more and is going all out to be proclaimed the king of leisure holidays. And in order to be the best it has to tap the biggest market of the all – the budget travellers. The emirate is increasingly becoming a fitting opportunity for budget-conscious populace to unravel Arabian hospitality along with revered cultural panache. Find out different ways and means through which penny-pinchers can accomplish affordable holidays in Dubai.

Travel: Travelling costs to Dubai is, of course, a big factor that shapes up the fiscal silhouette of holidays makers’ journey to the UAE. Flights to Dubai from London are available with plenty of airlines. Conduct thorough research and check out travel agents who specialise in cheap tickets to Middle Eastern areas, especially the UAE. Travelling within Dubai is no less a crucial facet in deciding the pecuniary condition of vacationers. After investing on flights’ tickets, travellers would like to save some on local movement. Metro, with an option of day pass, is likely to triumph over other means of getting around. Buses are cheap too but road traffic could be an issue you might be let grappling with. Londoners may find even the taxis not so bad. Don’t hesitate to hire a taxi, in case you prefer a private experience.

Eating: Budget travellers will be most glad at the prospect of eating out in the UAE. A host of budget eateries are available in Dubai, making it easy for cash-crunched travellers to gorge on the delicious dishes being served in the area. In particular, the Indian and Pakistani restaurants are the cheapest and among the finest in Dubai. Britons must have an idea about the Indian curry. They are truly delectable! Lebanese bakeries around the town are inexpensive as well. Keen epicureans can check them out in case frugal dining adventures was on their agenda before booking air tickets or even before boarding flights!!

Shopping: Dubai is home of unparallel shopping adventures. Even the parsimonious souls would be tempted to spend some dough on stating their desires to carry out retail pursuits. For truly budget shopping, try Karama. Considered the original hideout of real fakes, the venue is perfect of travellers who are not willing to dole out large sums after having to invest on flights tickets. Bargaining is the order of the day and only the master shall be truly rewarded! Also, there is no point paying a visit to every single shop. Just stick to one or two and try to get as much discounts as possible.

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