Mind blowing architecture, be it the modern day or the yester years’, is one of the biggest reasons why global holidaymakers gravitate towards Dubai like moths to a flame and remain on a constant lookout for tickets deals on cheap flights.

Dubai's Architecture A Prominent Lure Among Tourists

Dubai’s Architecture – A Prominent Lure Among Tourists  

Dubai is a world in itself where the grandeur of East and verve of West converges and shine in the form of colossal architectural wonders! It is by all odds a fitting place where global tourists can behold how the blended ethos further comingles with traditional Arabian architecture. There is stunning panoply of marvels manifesting a farrago of utterly creative, bizarre and awe-inspiring styles. It seems that Emirate of UAE is hell-bent on setting the world on fire and drawing the masses of travellers to reserve tickets for flights landing in UAE.

Traditional Gems

Soaring skyscrapers may own the skies but they modestly stand in harmony with traditional low-rise courtyard edifices. The city is remaking its own image and at the same time it is keeping an eye on the treasures of past that have been gracing the land since ages. There are heaps of destinations where tourists can feast eyes on these remnants and make the most of their money spent on booking tickets for flights.

In Bastakiya Quarter of Bur Dubai, graceful courtyard dwellings with conventional wind-towers make a labyrinth of captivating, narrow alleys. It is one of the oldest and most potent heritage sites in Dubai, dating back to 1900s when affluent pearl and textile merchandisers from Bastak in Iran gravitated towards city’s free trade scene to inhabit in the region. Tourists can catch sight of unique, Barasti huts which were the common sight during the yesteryears and experience the magical aura seeping out of every corner.

Then there is a celebrated Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum House (HeritageVillage) built in 1896 that justly depicts the hues of its traditional architecture and catches the fancy of swarms of tourists grabbing tickets deal for flights arriving in this utopia in UAE.

Besides, one can also make a beeline to XVA Gallery or Majlis Gallery and Heritage House (Al-Ahmadiya St) for appreciating the preserved and restored gems of days gone by.

Modern Wonders

Oil boom lit a fire under Dubai and it realised the cherished desire of pushing the envelope and gifting an avalanche of skyscrapers to the world. It all began with Dubai’s first skyscraper – World Trade Centre and rose highest with the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa. The modern day cityscape is undoubtedly one of the biggest rewards that tempting many to spend on those flight tickets to the emirate.

A drive around Sheikh Zayed Rd is the most foolproof way to wallow in the sheer might of this city. And it has remained another big enticement for travellers to rummage around for cheap air tickets and board flights to arrive in the UAE’s most popular emirate. Here you will be greeted with glass and steel freeform marvels elaborately adorned with sail-designs, veered towers, domes as catchy as flower petals and much more.

Mercato Mall (Jumeirah Beach Rd) featuring the Mediterranean design and renaissance-style is a sure charmer. Besides, Madinat Jumeirah boasts the best of UAE’s glorious architecture with wind-towers, captivating courtyard souq and canals while The One & Only Royal Mirage Resort is redolent of a Moroccan palace.

Travellers who have keen interest in non-nature pursuits can get the maximum bang for the bucks spent on UAE flights tickets and holidays in Dubai.

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