Dubai has announced it is planning to begin work on the construction of an underwater hotel.

Dubai will soon be able to offer a very unique hotel experience to visitors as it is planning to construct an underwater hotel.

Drydocks World has announced it is working on the creation of the project at the Annual Investment Meeting, which is held at the Dubai International Convention Centre.

“The project is based on a unique concept that aims to provide the ultimate leisure experience and opens new horizons in tourism and housing in coastal areas … while aiming to preserve the marine ecosystem,” Drydocks World said in a statement.

If the plan goes ahead, it will see part of the building being seen above the water, while the rest will be situated beneath it.

It is thought the construction will cost between $50 million and $120 million (£30 million and £74 million) to complete.

Investing in Dubai hotels was recently advocated at the Arabian Hotel Investment Conference in the emirate, due to the number of travellers who are currently choosing to spend time in the state.

Written by Nicholas Scott

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