A hot bed of mesmerising experiences, each more unique than the other, Dubai is a tourist’s delight. From towering skyscrapers to grand shopping malls, from one-of-their-own-kind amusement parks to luxurious resorts, Dubai takes hospitality and tourism a notch higher with each of its new endeavours, which is why the city now offers plenitude of ways for exploring the precious deserts that play a significant part in luring the visitors to the country.

Identify your style from our top picks, and make the most of your time in the glorious sands of the Arabian Desert:


Go Dune Bashing in a 4×4

One of the most popular ways to discover the desert of Dubai, cruising dunes in a 4×4 is thrilling and adrenaline pumping to say the least. Expert drivers take you through the hills and valleys of sand, and the speed of the 4×4 keeps increasing as the riders gain more confidence. Hold on to your seats as the vehicle make sharp turns and climb steep slopes. One of the most popular tour guides in Dubai for an ultimate dune bashing experience is Alpha Tours. You will be treated to a delectable Arabian dinner as the sun sets in the desert.

Ride a Camel

‘The ship of the desert’ might not be a very popular medium of travelling in today’s time, but you can travel back to the days when important trade routes went through the desert and camels were the preferred choice for travelling. Getting a picture clicked while riding the dromedary camels is one of the most sought after experiences. The slow pace of the camel will allow you to soak in the views of vast expanses of desert that stretch as far as your eyes can see. Take a heritage safari to the Bedouin camp and end a great day with a sumptuous meat dish.

Enjoy an Overnight Stay in Desert Camps

It is one thing to visit the desert and admire its beauty from a distance atop a camel or a 4×4, but it’s a totally different experience altogether to spend a night in the desert with the Nomadic Bedouin communities of the Arabian Peninsula. Your stay will be accompanied by a bonfire, shisha and performances of traditional belly dancers. You can also get your hands painted with the henna in many ways or get a henna tattoo done as a souvenir from your time in the desert. If you are up for it, witness one of the most stunning sunrises over the desert in the morning.

Explore the Desert on a Sandboard

If you like a little thrill and adventure to accompany you on all your travels, you will appreciate the sandboarding trails created by local tour operators. You can also undertake this experience with a group and challenge each other to a race. Spending an hour sandboarding in the desert will substitute for your day’s workout and leave you with everlasting memories of your time amidst one of the best stretches of sand in the Arabian Desert.

Witness the Mesmerising Beauty of the Dunes in a Hot Air Balloon

In Dubai, sky is literally the limit. That is why you can book yourself a hot air balloon ride offering a spectacular view of the Arabian Desert. The early morning ride presents you with breathtaking vistas of the rising sun bringing the desert and the surrounding mountain peaks into light. Try to spot other tourists on the ground along with desert camels meandering through the spectacular sands.

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