Dubai is different things to different people. Depending upon whom you ask, it is a home away from home, an avenue for economic prosperity, a futuristic city and the ultimate travel destination. This powerhouse in UAE captivates the visitors and leaves them in total awe of the unmatched experiences that it has to offer.

We bring you the top five unique experiences that Dubai has in store for the visitors:

Sunset at Burj Khalifa


Witnessing the golden hues of the setting sun from soaring 829.8 metres of Burj Khalifa leaves one amazed at the human achievement. In fact, the building is a fine example of Neo-futurism which celebrates advancements in the field of technology by incorporating themes of technology into arts. Tick off ‘Sunset at Burj Khalifa’ from your bucket list before it loses its place as the tallest building in the world to Jeddah Tower in Saudi Arabia.

A fun factoid: You can see the sun set twice at Burj Khalifa; once from the base of the building and then again from the top. The only challenge is reaching the top in three minutes, the time difference between the sunset on the ground and the sunset at the top!

Sky Diving over the Palm Jumeirah Island

Palm Islands are known across the world for their architecture, opulence and top-notch experiences. Skydiving over the Palm Jumeirah Island is a must-have experience to see the palm-shaped islands in their magnificent entirety. Adrenaline junkies and thrill seekers from world over flock to Dubai to enjoy the astonishing aerial view of these islands. You can choose Skydive Dubai, a premier organisation for sky diving, for your adventure atop the largest man-made islands in the world.

A fun factoid: The Brazilian football sensation Cristiano Ronaldo chose Skydive Dubai for adventure in the sky when he visited Dubai in 2014.

Zip-line through the Dubai Fountain

Don’t be just another spectator of The Dubai Fountain on the ground when you can zip-line across the Burj Khalifa Lake on which the fountain system is set. If you manage to find the booking, you can see the dance of the water from 1800-feet above the city. Illuminated by 6600 lights and 25 coloured projectors and with water jets that shoot up to 500ft in the air, the fountain presents a sensational extravaganza of water, light and music.

A fun factoid: The Crown Prince, Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed, was one of the first people to zip-line across the Dubai Fountain upon its launch.

Swim with Sharks in the Dubai Mall Aquarium

A world in its own capacity, The Dubai Mall Aquarium is every marine life lover’s dream come true.  One of the largest suspended aquariums in the world, the aquarium is home to thousands of aquatic animals from over 140 species. You can experience the thrill of a lifetime by diving into the depths of this 10-million litre tank. More than 300 Sharks and Rays live in the aquarium, including the largest collection of Sand Tiger Sharks in the world.

A fun factoid: The 2010 edition of the Guinness Book of World Records featured the aquarium’s acrylic panel, weighing more than 2, 45,000 kilograms and measuring 32.8 m X 8.3 m X 750 mm as the largest of its kind.

Desert Safari in Dubai

The most glamorous of all Emirates in UAE, Dubai has transformed itself into a place often associated only with grandeur and luxury. Therefore, the desert safari experience aboard a 4×4 is mandatory to get acquainted with a different facet of Dubai’s personality. The changing colour of the sand as per the position of the sun, the scores of camels walking past and miles of sand dunes in distance make for a spectacle you would have never seen before. The ride in the desert is one of the most thrilling experiences; the farther you go in the desert, the wilder it gets. You can book yourself on one of the many day/night safaris from the city and indulge in some crazy dune bashing.

A fun factoid: The Tanoura dance, an essential part of any desert safari experience in Dubai, is performed by Sufi men to Sufi music beat. The dance form is also commonly practised in Egypt.

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