The beauty and magnificence of the Canadian Rockies can’t be put into words. This mountainous terrain is to be experienced and enjoyed…that’s it! The spellbinding scenery, gorgeous forests, majestic waterfalls and amazing wildlife take everyone by surprise. Also, many recreational activities and extreme adventures are held here. The Canadian Rockies is definitely a great destination for thrill seekers.

Adventures in the Canadian Rockies


In Golden- British Colombia, you can take off from atop a cliff. The views of the rocky landscape, two rivers and the vast blue sky are absolutely stunning. ‘Mount 7’ of the Golden has even played host to the National Paragliding Championships in the past. Most of the adventurers opt for paragliding because it gives them an opportunity to fly without a motorised engine and feel like a bird in the sky.

Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking is a popular sport here. Many of the trails run through remote areas offering jaw-dropping sights. Participants must carry a repair kit and medical kit for emergencies. They can even face varied weather conditions. July and August are considered to be the warmest and the best months for mountain biking. Riders need to be careful as many hikers and horses will be sharing the trails with them.

Dog Sledding

This is a unique experience altogether. Explore the awe-inspiring wilderness of the Canadian Rockies by dog sledding. These regal and loyal animals will show you some of the most inspiring and fantastic sights. During this ‘classically Canadian activity’ one stands a chance to learn about the rich history, culture and techniques of dog sledding.

Rock Climbing

The Canadian Rockies provides an unforgettable alpine climbing opportunity. The picturesque and not-so-easy routes are not for the faint-hearted. However, there are several climbs that are suitable for all levels. So, no one goes back home dissatisfied! Moreover, there is a half-day lesson for groups, families and individuals willing to master the art of rock climbing.


Different national parks offer facilities for zip-lining above the Canadian Rockies. For example, in the Banff National Park, people can savour the thrill of moving at high speeds amidst craggy cliffs, dense forests and turbulent rivers. Another site is the Golden. Here, two people can zip side-by-side and reach an incredible speed of 70 km/hour.

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