What happens when hunger pangs strike you after a day of exploring the Stanley Park, Science World, Museum of Anthropology and other famous attractions in Vancouver, Canada? Well, you make way to one of the best restaurants to sample food that fills you with joy and satisfaction as you taste it.

Here are top five restaurants in Vancouver that you must try:



The Indian-born, Canadian chef Vikram Vij is quite a sensation in the culinary circles of the country. He has had several award-winning restaurants to his credit as well as several high-profile guests including Pierre Trudeau and Harrison Ford gracing the tables at his restaurants. His forte lies in finding inspiration for flavours in the country of his birth, India and coming up with dishes that also don’t overwhelm the Canadian taste palette and are freshly cooked from local ingredients. With a popularity that is only growing with years, and a no reservation policy, it is common to see long queues outside Vij’s, but it’s all worth when you put the famous lamb popsicles served at the Vij’s in your mouth and are lost in its rich flavours.

The Acorn

Another award-winning entrant to the list, The Acorn is popular for serving an enviable fare of vegetarian and vegan dishes to its guests. All dishes here are cooked using the freshest seasonal produce, and their creative menu keeps changing to accommodate only the in-season ingredients.  Apart from its delectable selection of dishes that can turn any meat lovers into the fan of veggies, the restaurant often finds fame for its sumptuous cocktails, including the unique biodynamic varieties of wines.

Savio Volpe

Taking inspiration from the classic osteria–rustic fare in the Italian cuisine, the restaurant focuses on serving the freshest ingredients found in the lakes, fields and farms of the city. With the motto of ‘Viva la convivialità’, the restaurant is a warm place to consume some simply cooked fresh dishes with great cocktails or coffee. The big and bold North American flavours that you taste here will accompany you for life, and will have you asking for more.

Beta5 Chocolates

One for the lovers of dessert, the Beta5 is the place to go if you are craving a decadent sweet treat post your meal. You cannot leave without trying their gold-medal winning Fisherman’s Friend lozenge-infused truffle which is as heavenly in taste as it sounds. The polygon chocolate bars as well as the cream puffs have many takers in and around Vancouver. If you like your cake to be accompanied by an equally great coffee or tea, Beta5 pleases you with its Vietnamese coffee and Raspberry Earl Grey.

Kissa Tanto

Pulling off a tricky combination of Japanese and Italian cuisine like a boss, Kissa Tanto in Chinatown is a funky, little cafe that pleases you and your taste buds alike. Their carefully in-house crafted pasta is to die-for, as is the crisp whole fish that reaches you straight out of the fryer. The fusion of flavours in the dishes here is not only rare; it is also one of the most soul-pleasing. Their crisp salads have the potential of turning you into a salad person and their tender meats do a dance of joy in your mouth.

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