Toronto is a multi-cultural city boasting diversity unlike any place in the world. Despite its diversity, it is one of the most harmonious places that exist on the face of earth. A vibrant city, Toronto seems to be in a perennial celebration of life with its happening bars and clubs, exciting restaurants, historical sites as well as flamboyant lifestyle. If you visit in the spring, Toronto can mesmerize you with its beautiful cherry blossoms, verdant parks and gushing waterfalls. While most of these experiences come with money, there a few that Toronto has reserved only for the keen eye of the beholder who dares to dive into its bountiful reserves.

In no particular order, here are top five experiences you can have in this beautiful Canadian city without shelling out even a pound:

Visit the quaint neighbourhood of Cabbage Town
If you’ve been fascinated by the Victorian architecture, you’ll love Cabbagetown in downtown Toronto, a friendly neighbourhood that is often featured in travel magazines as “the largest continuous area of preserved Victorian housing in all of North America”. Tucked away carefully in the central Toronto, Cabbagetown with its small cafes, beautifully-restored colonial houses is the city’s best kept secret. Admire the beauty and laid-back vibe of this town on a morning walk or an evening stroll, and be sure to ask the story of how the town got its name. Chances are you’ll hear more than one version. Do also visit the Riverdale Farm and smell the freshness of veggies as well as see the farm animals trotting around freely.

Spend a day with locals in High Park
Located to the west of Downtown Toronto, a high park visit is your chance to meet and greet the locals enjoying themselves at this 399 acres of peace paradise. The park boasts of sporting facilities, well-manicured gardens, playgrounds for children, a zoo as well as lines of beautiful cherry blossom trees. You can also expect to find a plethora of wildlife species including insects, birds, amphibians, reptiles and mammals courtesy one third of the area that remains in its natural state. You must also see the black oak savannahs, the unique remnants of the sand prairie systems from the southern Ontario.

Peek into the artistic inclination of the city at the Kensington Market
One of the most popular markets in Ontario, a walk through the Kensington market is like walking down a museum filled with creative graffiti, amazing street art as well as a host of beautifully designed cafes. Seep in the hustle bustle of the streets of Kensington that also host an array of popular festivals including the Kensington Market Festival of Lights organised in December; The Pedestrian Sundays festival, car-free festival held on Sundays of summer months as well as The Chiaroscuro Reading Series held on the second Tuesday of every month amongst many other art and culture festivals. Come home with some of the most colourful pictures of eclectic cafes, and bustling streets for free.

Rock your visit rolling on skates at Cummer Skatepark
Get your dose of recreation and merge yourself with the energy of the city at the Cummer Skatepark which remains thronged by the lovers of skating all day long. Feel young and energised skating to your heart’s content at the concrete skatepark with banks, ledges, rails, a pyramid and small bowl. If you are not motivated enough to take to the wheels yourself, watch the youngsters do thrilling stunts on their skates including the back flips. You can even take the free lessons for beginners here.

Make peace with life at the Mount Pleasant
Ever visited a cemetery that is also a National Historic Site? If not, this might just be your chance. The timeless cemetery holds a gothic charm with its beautiful architecture, small lanes adorned with colourful trees, fountains, statues, botanical gardens as well as natural ponds attracting birds and humans alike. The peaceful surroundings of the cemetery offer a perfect recluse for those looking for a few moments of contemplation as well as those looking to get away from the hustle and bustle.

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