Northern Lights are among the most mysterious yet exciting phenomenon and Canada remains the single most popular destination for their sightings. Here are the top locations for travellers booking tickets on flights to Canada to sample the extraordinary experience.

Canada prides itself with amazing sightseeing options, history culture, best of man-made as well as natural attractions, exciting shopping scene, enticing nightlife and tantalizing gastronomic delights which all together push up the sale of air tickets on flights to Canada. But if you are in pursuit of something beyond the typical natural lures, Canada has something that makes air tickets to the country even a bigger hit – Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis in the Canadian night sky! The mysterious spectacle is the most extraordinary sightseeing experience to have in the lifetime. The Northern Lights sightings may be further merged with a wide plethora of exciting winter activities and scenic snow-covered vista, which are hard to resist. The country is dotted with venues to capture the best views of these lights which make for a never before experience. Take a quick look at the top Canadian Northern Lights viewing spots before spending on flights tickets for holidays in the country.


Adorably famed as ‘larger than life’ destination of Canada, Yukon is a topographically diverse territory that trims with rugged mountains, massive glaciers, barren plains and mirror-reflective lakes. The region experiences more than twenty hours of daylight in the summer which reduces to less than five hours in the winter, replaced by Northern Lights. Travellers, buying air tickets on flights for holidays in Canada during the winter season, can experience spectacular sights of colourful Aurora Borealis, a distinct prerogative to make the best of their vacations. Initially, neon colour rays spread over the entire starry sky, followed by an uneven explosion of green transform the scene into an ethereal display of sparkling aurora borealis.

This incredible phenomenon lasts for some hours, which entirely depends upon the cloud conditions. This amazing sight even sets global shutterbugs on a mad quest to grab flights arriving in Canada and capture the best ever natural offering in the world. Keen visitors may look for different Northern Lights tours and packages available in Yukon which are exclusively tailored and packed with some thrilling activities including dog sledding and ice skiing.


Head east from Denali and pass through Yukon to reach Yellowknife, another compelling stopover in Canada’s Northwest Territories for viewing northern lights. The town tops the travel itineraries of nature lovers investing on flights scheduled for Canada as the region makes for some exceptional sightings owing to numerous reasons. A stable climate, perfect location amidst the auroral zone, extended darkness for most times of the year and clear skies are few amongst the long list. However, one of the best places in the town to relish the uninterrupted Northern Lights phenomenon is Blachford Lake Lodge. The lodge is situated right below the auroral oval and is far enough from artificial city lights, which makes it a wonderful place for night-sky gazing.

One of the most unusual yet exciting ways to watch Aurora Borealis here is to relax in an outdoor hot tub and admire the magical experience of northern lights overhead. Travellers may even try and enjoy a wide plethora of outdoor activities offered here that include tobogganing, skating, ice fishing and dog sledding.


Another popular destination to plunge into the natural grandeur of Canada, particularly Northern Lights, is Alberta. The northern region remains packed with global travellers who disembark Canada flights in hordes to witness spellbinding northern lights occurrence. During the night, glittering colourful curtains of pink, green and red light dance all across the sky leaving the spectators amazed. Also, there are many unique locations in Alberta which are perfect to have a glimpse of the dazzling skies amidst a chilling, snowy night.

The well renowned Jasper National Park is the best accessible dark sky preserve of Alberta. The sky over head is covered with most vibrant bright neon color lights making shoots of hot pink and neon yellow along with curly ribbons of rippling green, dancing with the twinkling stars. Other easily accessible destinations nearby Alberta which are best advised for viewing the Northern Lights are Fort McMurray and Beaver Hills.

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