The filming of a Bollywood movie meant that flights were unable to land for a few minutes.

People on flights to Bangkok recently who landed a few minutes late may have been held up by the filming of a Bollywood movie.

A new film called Rascals, starring Sanjay Dutt and Ajay Devgn, has been filming at various locations and the final scenes were being recorded at Bangkok’s airport.

The scene required the stars to race down the runway in a motorbike and sidecar dressed in Father Christmas costumes, but the shooting overran by a short time due to some retakes being needed to get the film in the can.

After requesting extra time, the film company were able to complete the shooting in a few minutes while the planes which were due to land on the runway did circles around the airport until the runway was clear.

Travellers who take flights to Bangkok could find that after they arrive the best way to get around is in taxis, after they were named the best value for money in the world recently in a survey.

Written by Nicholas Scott

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