Holiday makers from all across the globe are putting in efforts to materialise a gratifying vacation in Bali, Indonesia. They invest in flight tickets, hotels, etc. and are aptly rewarded by a flurry of fascinating pursuits waiting in the Indonesian province.


Located south of the equator, Bali seems like an episode of natural exquisiteness and cultural extravaganza. Nothing compares to a week-long holiday in the province that’s the smallest one in Indonesia. There is a lot to do in this place that puts forth beaches and its culture as its main draws, ones that push travellers to get onboard flights to Indonesia.

While direct flights are far and few, if any, there are several options for tourists who have no problems with connecting flights. Singapore, Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur are the choice stopovers. From these destinations direct flights to Bali’s Denpasar airport are available easily. With flights and air tickets taken care of, tourists can now learn about some of the most exciting pursuits in Bali.

1.Besakih Temple: Checking out the Bali’s ‘Mother Temple’ is a de rigueur for each and every soul who has invested on air tickets and hotel deals only to take back the best of Balinese attractions. People will find it an artistic complex that incorporates within a great number of temples for people to pay reverence at. The area isn’t devoid of natural beauty either, with hills, mountains and streams making up the region’s ecology.

2. Shopping in Kuta: No ‘true-blue tourist’ can claim the epithet unless and until something is bought from the many stores that are to be found in Kuta! A quintessential tourist trap, stores here are brimming with cheap imitations of branded accessories, etc. While the snobbish few may frown, those hoping for a fun time must experience it all. A host of reasonable hotels can also be found here. Not surprisingly, Kuta is a popular tourist hub!

3. Night out in Kuta: A fun loving tourist can never say no to a promising party and that’s why it’s almost a sin to not experience the colourful nightlife of Bali and Kuta, in particular. Budget travellers will be the happiest of the lot as a slew of alternatives are available where they can let their hair down and spirits high! Green Box is among the most popular haunts in the area for those who are purchasing flight tickets to the island.

4. Ubud: A fantastic antidote to the fast life, Ubud stands as the island’s repository of culture and arts! Nestled amidst beautiful rice paddies, Ubud is frequented by all who have boarded flights to Indonesia in an anticipation to discover a land that resonates with cultural serenity and therapeutic tranquillity. Spa retreats and yoga holidays are hugely popular here and so are the many organic restaurants that allow a different dining experience to holiday makers seeking to do it all!

5. Street Food: Speaking of food, make sure you try out the fare being served from the Balinese street stalls! It is simply delicious and not many are heard complaining of a bad stomach after gorging down a few or more delicacies. Many, who have been to the province, recommend Babi Guling. But be sure to choose a stall or joint that’s recommended by locals.

6. Surfing: Water sport enthusiasts can reclaim their investment on flights, tickets, hotels, etc., back at any of the incredible surfing spots in Bali! Of course, it is not the money we are talking about but the inimitable bouts of delirious fun one gets to enjoy at some of the best surfing spots in the world. Beginners can check out Kuta and Seminyak, while the experts can move to Balangan or Bingin. Nusa Dua and Canggu are other popular options for those looking for satisfying surf spots.

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