A number of travellers who are keen on Australia holidays are more of less inspired to put in money on flights, tickets, hotels, etc. only by the wonderful string of islands that make the Whitsunday Islands.

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The Whitsunday Islands, lying in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, comprises of more than 70 islands, and offers a truly invigorating experience to holiday makers who are investing money on flights only to revel in the best coastal charms the country has to offer!! A scenic landscape and unmatched tranquillity are the two real gifts that await tourists here. Explore top island destinations at Whitsundays that offer an inventory of incredible incentives to those who book air tickets and make way for here!

Daydream Island: This one is rather close to the coast and boasts of a very luxurious Daydream Island Resort and Spa. Vacationers who are landing here after spending heaps on flights’ tickets will find the overall milieu of the place to be truly refreshing. One can opt for a range of adventure and water activities like diving, snorkelling, swimming, etc. Mini golf is also offered to keen holiday makers. Once here, tourists will love the man-made outdoor aquarium, the Living Reef, and the award-winning Rejuvenation Spa, which is renowned to provide a wide variety of beauty and health treatments to patrons.

Hamilton Island: The fun only augments at the largest of the Whitsunday Island resorts! Hamilton Island is a fascinating region to enjoy some of the region’s most prized experiences like beaches, corals, great flora and fauna, and incredible food. And of course, there is simply no dearth of pursuits for any adventure lover who has been pushed to book flights’ tickets to Australia mainly by his desire to indulge in some thrilling recreational activities! The Hamilton Island Golf Club, the Hamilton Island Yacht Club and a string of remarkable hotels and resorts offer a fantastic opportunity for travellers to live up to the good life at the Hamilton. Further, the natural exquisiteness, a wonderful aspect of the place, is likely to impress all.

Hook Island: For keen green thumbs, Hook Island is perhaps the best bet at the Whitsundays, Australia. The place is mostly a national park, which allows tourists to take in the wonderful dose of natural grandeur. There are a number of snorkelling and scuba diving spots for vacationers who have inclination to dig deep the waters! Following closely is the historical observatory, which is an absolute must-visit for people of all ages and likes! History lovers, who are boarding Australia bound flights in anticipation of unearthing some Aboriginal traces, will be thrilled to locate several Aboriginal cave shelters on the island. Camping is a great way to discover the luminosity of this paradise.

Long Island: Beach bummers boarding flights to Australia will realise that their investment on air tickets is going to bring them a heap lot! Long Island, the closest island to the mainland, is a riveting place to enjoy the gifts of Mother Nature. Long walking trails allow people to acquaint with the region and make them greet interesting flora and fauna. Snorkelers among those who booked air tickets to reach the place will have a permanent smile plastered on their face, once they discover the brilliant coral reefs at the many bays on the island!

South Molle: Another favourite of adventure tourists, South Molle in Whitsundays is a pleasing, hilly destination that allows tourists to enjoy a variety of activities such as golf, tennis, snorkelling, scuba diving and sailing. Most patrons are not shy of patrolling the native forests to take a look at the region’s enormous gifts. Apart from resort visitors, overnight campers, with permission, can also enjoy the spoils of the nature here!

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