Pre-paid currency cards have a number of advantages for holidaymakers, it has been suggested.

Pre-paid currency cards could be a wise choice for those heading off on holidays to Australia, it has been suggested.

Donald Strachan wrote for the Daily Telegraph this week that there is the potential to make savings through this type of plastic, which are also easy to obtain, simple to use and offer the same level of security as a credit card – although consumers should watch out for charges.

Most prepaid cards are available in euros and US dollars, but other denominations can be found. According to MyTravelCash, the popularity of Travelex’s Cash Passport Visa surged when it began to offer Australian dollars and additional currencies.

Peter Ralph, the company’s head of operations, indicated that the economic downturn has also had an impact on people purchasing these cards.

“The popularity … has risen as trust in banks has tumbled,” he remarked.

In other currency news, the Annual Post Office Travel Services Holiday Money Report suggested last week that UK travellers will find they have more money available to them in Jamaica, Egypt and Dubai than they did 12 months ago, due to the strengthening of the pound.

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