Sydney, the popular destination in Australia, has a truly vibrant nightlife. Following is a list for those interested in sampling the very best nightspots on offer after they reach this amazing metropolis by booking tickets onboard long-haul flights.


Sydney is one of the largest cities of Australia and it is visited by thousands of travellers who seek to immerse themselves in its charismatic nightlife. The city’s nightclubs and bars rival the best in the world, which makes it the perfect destination in Australia for a night-out. Those who reserve tickets aboard Sydney flights for a holiday in Australia often find themselves in need of relaxation after a long day of sightseeing. For such holidaymakers, there are numerous bars, nightclubs and pubs that are sure to leave them gloating about their decision of purchasing air tickets for a holiday in the city.

Chinese Laundry

Some regulars joke that the Chinese Laundry has existed in the city even before Sydney existed! But, jokes apart, this is one of the oldest nightclubs in town and considering its electrifying atmosphere as well as extensive list of regulars, it is here to stay. An evening spent here opens up a doorway to a variety of musical genres including but not limited to progressive, techno, electro etc. performed by eminent artists from Australia and all over the world. The rooms at this joint feature a wide variety of Asian figurines that add to its unique atmosphere. Located out of sight beneath the Slip Inn, Chinese Laundry is a must visit for anyone who book tickets on long-haul flights arriving in the leading city of Australia and seek a slice of its nightlife.

Ivy Bar

Every since the Ivy Bar opened its doors, it has been the toast of the town and with good reason. Purposely-built as a playground for the urbanites, its décor and lighting are perfect for those seeking a relaxing atmosphere for private conversation as well as those interested in dancing. The sprawling establishment also features leading retail outlets such as Peter Alexander, Ginger & Smart, Sass & Bide etc. The really lucky and loaded can make their way to its exclusive Pool Club which requires reservations and adherence to a pre-decided dress code. The food, drinks and ambience are memorable while the bar simultaneously maintains a level of subtlety. A visit to this sophisticated establishment should definitely be on the cards for those booking first or business class tickets on Sydney-bound international flights.

Candy’s Apartment

The global underground club movement heavily influenced the development of Candy’s Apartment and currently it is considered to be one of the leading nightspots in Sydney as well as in all of Australia. One of the few exotic places in town, which feature both dance and live music, provides an unmatched combination of hybrid crossovers. Over the years, this joint has played a key role in shaping the country’s music scene and therefore holds a special place in the hearts of the locals. This “apartment” features a low ceiling, numerous nooks and crannies as well as a bunker-styled bar that adds to its special ambience. Those planning an evening outing in Sydney before boarding their flights to back home should get their entry tickets early because it gets crowded real fast specially on weekends.

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