The sun over Sydney has a halo around it, thanks to a weather phenomenon that is taking place far above the earth.

The sun over Sydney has a very special look to it at the moment as a rare weather condition means it appears to have a halo around it.

Known as a 22-degree halo, the effect is caused by the sun’s rays passing through a particular type of ice crystal which forms in the earth’s upper atmosphere.

While it is dangerous to look directly at the sun, many people have been recording the event by taking photos and videos of it.

It is not known how long the halo will last for, as it is dependant on the presence of the ice crystals.

Astronomer at the Sydney Observatory Geoff Wyatt told The Age: “I see about half a dozen a year. It can form around the moon as well.”

There are many stunning sights of natural beauty to be found around Sydney, with Georges River National Park and Bare Island among some of the most popular spots for visitors and locals alike.

Written by Alex Cochrane

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