Air tickets aboard Australia bound flights remain a perennial lure among global snorkelers. After all, the nation’s magical snorkelling sites are adorned with a spellbinding collection of underwater flora and fauna.

Deep below the pristine waters of coastal Australia is a beautiful world, completely contrasting the one that lies above. This world features some of the most diverse and fascinating underwater ecosystems which can be best explored with a snorkel and fins. Apart from being a gratifying experience, snorkelling in Australia also introduces you to the state of marine life in the country. Below are the best snorkelling spots around Australia that often set adventure seekers on a mad quest to grab air tickets for the destination.

Julian Rocks Marine Reserve

Julian Rocks is one of the few dive sites in Australia where travellers can swim with tropical species around the Great Barrier Reef and different aquatic denizens from the nation’s deep Southern Ocean. Over 500 temperate and tropical fish species reside in these shallow waters. Here, the snorkelers often boast of their encounters with sea turtles, friendly Wobbegong sharks, leaf scorpion fish, pineapple fish, hard and soft corals, and a wide assortment of rays including mantas. All of this is just a five-minute boat ride from Byron Bay.

Ningaloo Reef

Visit Ningaloo Coast and experience all that the Coral Bay has to offer. Dive through the Ningaloo Marine Park for an unforgettable experience. The park is quite popular in the nation for its rich marine life which houses a diverse plethora of more than 200 species of coral and 460 species of fish. You are free to swim with the majestic manta rays and whale sharks guided by professional snorkelers. Keen vacationers may even opt for a boat tour to watch the impressive mass coral spawning during some particular months.

Knuckle Reef Lagoon

Relish some incredible snorkelling amongst vibrant marine life at Knuckle Reef Lagoon. The wide range of activities offered here are a great hit among children and adults alike. The activities are varied and range from glass-bottomed boat tours and diving to snorkelling and helicopter tours over the reef. This gem of Australia features more than 150 different types of hard and soft coral and 200 different species of fish. Giant clams, slow-moving sea turtles, spotted fish and clownfish are only a few shades of the colourful wildlife that vacationers will encounter while snorkelling through these reefs.

Ninepin Point Marine Nature Reserve

Yet another irresistible snorkelling spot in Australia visited by hordes of vacationers disembarking flights in the country! This great reserve of Tasmania protects an exclusive collection of plants and animals in an unusual aquatic environment. The immense variety of marine life of the reef is highlighted by kelp forests, sponge gardens, fairy penguins, sea dragons and migrating whales. The secluded rocky point of the reserve makes for a great place to discover rock-pool life, jetsam and flotsam, and have a picnic with family and friends.

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