Travelling by a luxury train across Australia makes for a highly memorable experience. Discover the joy of incredible sightseeing while enjoying classy amenities and services.


There are quite a few lovely train routes crisscrossing the beautiful country of Australia. In fact, some parts of the nation are so scenic that many travellers opt for luxury trains instead of booking flight tickets. After all, one rarely gets the chance to admire the beauty of an ever-changing landscape for hours, while relaxing in a luxury compartment. This is only punctuated by breaks for drinks, meals and naps. The Indian Pacific, The Ghan and The Overland are among Australia’s greatest trains.

The Indian Pacific

The Indian Pacific offers a magnificent way of exploring the spellbinding grandeur of Australia. Connecting the East and the West coasts from Sydney to Perth via Adelaide, this train journey will gladden your heart with the sight of wonderful vistas rolling by. While Sydney is popular for its stunning beaches, Perth ranks high for its sprawling parks, plethora of adventure activities and a Mediterranean climate. You will get plenty of opportunities to step down from the train and enjoy the lovely surroundings.

The journey takes three days and you may even take a break in the middle for some days at Adelaide. The landscape is dotted with Blue Mountains and Nullarbor Plain on the east-west route, while the sights of golden wheat plains and sub-tropical savannah treat you on the south-north route.

The Ghan

The Ghan is like a national treasure of Australia, which has beguiled passengers since its inception. A journey aboard this luxury train is full of great comfort and style. The train chugs along between Darwin in the North and Adelaide in the South via Alice Springs in central Australia. The journey lasts for three nights and four days. Most travellers find that the beautiful city of Adelaide with its legendary wining and dining scene is the top highlight of the journey.

Alice Springs has a lively and colourful culture, which finds reflection through scores of captivating art galleries. Like Alice Springs, Darwin is also a beautiful multicultural city. The destination is famous for the Kakadu National Park and various other captivating attractions.

The Overland

The Overland is a satiating way of enjoying and exploring a trip between two of Australia’s most celebrated holiday destinations, namely Adelaide and Melbourne. A daylight service, The Overland runs between the cities in both directions and offers a soothing and comfortable journey. Passengers get to feast their eyes upon impressive vistas of rugged mallee scrubland and gold and green fields. The Motorail Service offers the facility of transporting your vehicle to your destination.

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