Taking a summer holiday overseas can help you to boost your wellbeing through boosting your immune system.

Booking a holiday overseas can have a range of benefits to your health and wellbeing, as it offers you a chance to relax away from work or spend time with loved ones.

However, a sunshine break also has the added benefit of offering the chance to get a boost of vitamin D, something which many people suffer a deficiency of during the winter months, Andrew Johnson, herbalist and nutritional therapist, has stated.

The health expert has explained a lot of people can feel under the weather between January and March as their exposure to sunlight is at very low levels, which can result in a lot of people catching colds or flu.

He said that people who find they have low levels of the vitamin could take supplements or take a break, as “that would be a very good thing and would support immunity enormously”.

As areas in the southern hemisphere are currently enjoying their summer months, flights to Australia, New Zealand and South Africa could all provide a much needed boost of sunshine.

Written by Anthony Nicholson

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