Great Ocean Road brims with attractions that are blessed with unique natural beauty. Dense forests, amazing wildlife, beautiful beaches, wildlife reserves and many other impressive natural draws along the route compel a number of travellers to block tickets aboard flights to Australia.


Great Ocean Road is a magical stretch hugging the coastline and is a perfect place to sample the unmatched natural grandeur that the southern state of Victoria in Australia has to offer. One of the world’s most scenic coastal routes, there is absolutely no shortage of sightseeing or activities here. Stunning nature and wildlife are the obvious charmers; besides, outdoors like walking and drive tours; surfing, sea kayaking, scuba diving as well as finer pursuits of arts, culture and history and smorgasbord of family activities continue to lure holidaymakers in droves. The road shows on the itineraries of most people who book air tickets to Australia for holidays in Victoria and New South Wales. Avalon Airport (Geelong) is closest to Torquay which is the starting point of the tour and is served by domestic flights. Although, there are a number of attractions throughout the Great Ocean Road, some simply cannot be missed. Here are just four of its most irresistible draws.

The Twelve Apostles

The Twelve Apostles form the key highlight of any trip to the Great Ocean Road. The site features tall limestone towers created by the forces of nature. These majestic rocks, which were twelve in number but have reduced to eight now due to Southern Ocean gradually eroding them over the years, stand gracefully on the shores of the Port Campbell National Park. These Apostles were created due to the constant stroke of harsh and extreme weather that eroded the limestone cliffs to form caves. The arches created in the cliffs collapsed to form these beautiful rock structures, later named as Apostles. Breathtaking views of the site can be had both at dawn and dusk. Tourists find the pictures clicked at Twelve Apostles to be the perfect souvenirs to take on flights back home.

The Otways

Lush greenery, varied landscapes, brilliant wild and avifauna life and breathtaking views of secluded beaches, fascinating rock platforms, spectacular waterfalls and lakes make the Great Otway National Park or simply the Otways, a must visit for ardent green thumbs nature lovers booking tickets for a tour of the Great Ocean Road. Cape Otway, the most southern point in the tour, inspires with the resplendence of its coastal scenery, towering cliffs and the sandy beach. Try the treetop adventure for a bird’s eye view of the park over one hour walking trail across the elevated walkway through the tall tree. There are some amazing waterfalls and cascades in the Otways for keen visitors to discover. Otways’ Melba Gully offers a unique sight of countless glow worms glittering together to create a mystical effect.

Bells Beach

Mecca for surfers, Bells Beach attracts hordes of surfing enthusiasts who arrive from far and wide on flights to Australia for unparalleled experience riding the waves. Situated near the Torquay, the beach also hosts renowned surfing competition ‘Rip Curl Pro’ during Easter (entry tickets are required). Watching some of the most talented surfers taming the waves out in the blue is simply amazing. Bells Beach is also a hot spot for many dare-devils to embark on a gripping tandem skydiving expedition. The views of the cliff face as well as from the cliff top are superb; cliff top offers a great vantage point to admire the beauty of the beach, the large waves of the Southern Ocean and to watch over the surfers in the water carving these swells.

Tower Hill State Game Reserve

Tower Hill State Game Reserve is Victoria’s first National Park declared in 1892. The reserve encompasses an inactive volcano and attracts numerous trekkers, hikers and wildlife lovers for walking tours around. A wide variety of flora and fauna can be found here. Visitors can witness interesting species of animals like koalas, emus, kangaroos and many others in their natural habitat. A large number of waterbirds of different species wander in the reserve which makes it an amazing place for bird watching too. Foreign tourists booking flights to Australia and visiting this reserve can use the guided tours to discover the Aboriginal history and culture for a memorable eco-tourism experience here.

With all this and lots more, the Great Ocean Road holiday is a perfect treat for nature, history, culture and adventure enthusiasts and offers great return on the money spent for flights tickets and other holiday extras to this part of Australia.

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