Though Australia brims with fascinating wildlife charms, those located in the laidback city of Adelaide simply steal the crown! No wonder, Adelaide remains a compelling destination for most holiday makers buying tickets on flights arriving in Australia.

Adelaide Gateway to Australia wildlife

From fascinating forests to exotic wildlife, the laidback Aussie town of Adelaide packs in enough to impress every nature-lover booking tickets on flights arriving in Australia. Home to pristine wilderness, Adelaide offers incredible flora and fauna that every visitor spending on cheap flights tickets for holidays to the country envisages. Here is a little smattering of some of the top attractions of the city that every nature-lover taking tickets on flights arriving in Australia must not miss!

Monarto Open Range Zoo

Monarto Open Range Zoo is one of the biggest gems that await holiday makers taking tickets on flights arriving in Australia. It unfolds itself as a humongous empire that boasts unparalleled natural beauty and exotic wildlife species. Incredibly mesmerizing Monarto is an interesting treasure trove of wild natives. Entertaining shows and thrilling animal encounters – Monarto Open Range Zoo certainly packs in something for every traveller buying flights tickets to the city.

Adelaide Zoo

Appealing and interesting, Adelaide Zoo is yet another compelling peek into some of the most intriguing flora and fauna in Australia, making travellers spend on cheap flights tickets to the country again and again! The zoo re-introduces visitors to some of the most exotic and rare species like kangaroos, koalas, Tasmanian Devils, lions, tigers, giraffes, zebras and giant pandas! It sure is a fine stop for animal lovers who are regaled with spectacular views and thrilling experiences.

Gorge Wildlife Park

An attraction that catches the fancy of all, Gorge Wildlife Park unearths the mysterious wild side of Australia! Though there are reasons galore to buy tickets on flights arriving in Australia, the park might be one bang of an excuse for every nature-lover planning holidays to the country! This interesting zoo features exotic and rare animal species in stunningly beautiful park settings. The inescapable lure of spotting some of the most interesting animals like wombats, dingoes, echidnas, Koalas, American alligators, meerkats, otters, monkeys and Tasmanian devils from close quarters is sure to give you goose bump!

Cleland Wildlife Park

Another glittering jewel that has been beguiling tourists to book flights tickets to the city of Adelaide is Cleland Wildlife Park! It is a beautiful expanse of green that is known to host a wide variety of animals and birds. There is something for everyone at this place. Some of the many animal and bird species that can be discovered at the park are koalas, kangaroos, grey headed flying foxes, swooping birds, possums, snakes and much more. At the park, one can observe all these animal and birds from a closer perspective and at the same time enjoy the enchanting views of the place.

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