The Australians love their wines, their coffee, and their seafood. Australia produces one of the largest varieties of fruits, and is well known for its premium dairy production. In fact, there’s no aspect of a gourmet-standard culinary experience that the country hasn’t mastered. Combining Australia’s love for food with its breathtaking outdoors, you have some of the finest dining experiences that the world has to offer. Because almost everyone in Australia has stories to tell about the farm they grew up on or spent their summer vacations at, and most people enjoy cooking – think barbecues and Master Chef – it’s natural the country has a penchant for serving some of the freshest food in the world.

If your mouth is already salivating, we won’t tempt you anymore. Here are top five dining experiences that you can have in the land down under:


In Harmony with life – Breakfast with Koalas

If you are lost, one of the surest ways to know that you are in Australia is when you start seeing the mischievous Koala bears in vicinity. Having an authentic Australian breakfast with these cute, cuddly creatures in Australia is going to create everlasting memories of the country in your mind. One of the best places in the country for your rendezvous with these animal celebrities is Hartley’s Crocodile Adventures in Queensland. You’ll be served a complete breakfast buffet along with English muffins, hash brown, bacon and eggs, and a choice of hot beverage. Facing the Hartley’s lagoon, with a koala in your lap in the early hours of a peaceful morning is a recipe for a perfect start to a day.

Up, Up, Up You Go – Hot Air Balloon and Champagne Breakfast

The very thought of having your food served several feet up in the sky from where you can see beautiful landscapes that comprise Australia is exhilarating. There are a lot of places in Australia that arrange for meals on hot air balloons. Some of the popular ones include Hunter and Barossa Valleys, Cairns and Port Douglas, Melbourne, Canberra, Ipswich, Byron Bay, Gold Coast, Sydney and Alice Springs. Depending upon where you choose to take your ride from, you’ll get to see different vistas celebrating the physical diversity of Australia.

Perfect Companions – Penguins & Dinner

If you can literally travel distance for tasty food, take the helicopter ride from Melbourne to Phillip Island where you are served sumptuous dinner alongside adorable penguins who are returning home after a long Penguin day. The scenic beauty of the Australia’s iconic cityscapes, blue waters, and vast expanses of wilderness from the helicopter is jaw-dropping. As you settle down to have your meal at the Phillip Island, your heart will be filled with joy at having seen nature’s most abundant resources through a bird’s eye.

Witnessing Sunset at Uluru with Gourmet BBQ Dinner

There are some experiences that leave you short of words. Witnessing the sun set from one of Australia’s most iconic natural sites is going to be one such experience for you. You can cheer to the beauty that exists in the world with the sparkling wine that will be served to you as the sun sets and leave an orange trail behind. The exquisite gourmet barbecue meal of steak, lamb sausages, chicken skewers, garlic prawns, salad served after will better the experience and make you appreciate all things fine in life. End a great day by taking leisurely sips of red or white wine or make everything sweeter with a dessert; it’s all your choice!

Sumptuous Seafood at Freycinet Marine Farm

Tasmania in Australia is known for its fresh seafood, particularly its east coast. And for the sea food lovers, it is a paradise they can get lost in. The Saffire Freycinet Lodge in collaboration with Freycinet Marine Farm invites the visitors to wine and dine in the pristine surroundings of the Freycinet Peninsula. The tables are set on the beach, and the gentle waves of water touch your feet as you gorge on a delectable variety of fresh seafood. Their Pacific oysters are to die for. A tour of the farm can be arranged where the interested visitors might learn about the region, its environment and its impact on the seafood in the area.

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