Australia is capable enough of satiating the wanderlust of discerning twitchers. The destination attracts legions of keen tourists and truly pays off for the endeavours and money spent on tickets for flights and holiday packages for the destination.

Best Spots for Memorable Birding in Australia

Blessed with scenic deserts, glorious coral reefs, verdant forests and silvery, snowy mountains, Australia is an Eden laden with marvels of nature! The same goes for birdlife; it is very much a heaven with panoply of twitching sites boasting hundreds of incredible species. From emu to kookaburra and from parrot to finch, the Australian skies are a mosaic dabbled with bright and light; ebon and ivory; fierce and timid flying creatures. Unsurprisingly, such an overwhelming wealth of birdlife is an attraction in itself, catching the fancy of global birders and setting them on a mad scramble for tickets aboard flights and cheap holiday deals.

Kakadu National Park

Situated just north-east of Darwin, Kakadu National Park is a tropical wet-dry zone boasting marvellous variety of about hundred species. It is one of the best destinations where twitchers can make the most of their money spent invested on tickets on flights and holiday deals. In wet season, the rising waters indicate the breeding season for water birds and they extend all over the enormous expanses of shallow water. During the dry season, on the other hand, the magnificent flying creatures gather to grace the charm of billabongs and deep waterholes. Late in the dry season the flock of magpie geese and plumed whistling-ducks crowd together on other billabongs.

Christmas Island

It is an awe-inspiring tropical island featuring speckles of rainforest and limestone cliffs inundated with seabirds, wanderers and various endemic species. For getting here, visitors can book tickets for flights from Perth. Its Christmas Island Thrush is a star attraction, treating one with euphonic songs. There is enchanting range of booby, frigate bird, tropicbird, hawk owl, green-winged pigeon, kestrel and swiftlet. No wonder, the island has for long prompted hordes of birders to buy tickets aboard flights and grab Australia vacation packages.

Daintree Rainforest

With a staggering 430 kinds, the World Heritage-listed Daintree Rainforest is undeniably a second to none stamping ground where birders get a maximum bangs for the bucks spent on tickets for Australia bound flights and holiday packages. Visitors can easily catch sight of wonderful monarch, riflebird, sooty owls, honeyeater and much more. The wet-season or summer is ripe for beholding the best of flying creatures in Australia.

Atherton Tablelands

Atherton Tablelands, located west of Cairns, is another renowned haunt with some of the most striking types of birdlife in the nation. Its dense rainforests are a treasure trove of male bowerbirds and volcanic crater lakes brim with a fabulous range of 11 endemic species as well as a rich population of non-endemic class. The glades attract a number of blue-faced parrot finches and promise a superb spectacle.

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