People needn’t look at calendar to book flights for an Australian tour, unless, of course, one is very particular regarding the kind of holiday activities and pursuits he is going to undertake in the country.

Australia is unfair to its tourists! The country offers so much and in such large numbers that people are often left confused when it comes to concocting holiday itineraries and sightseeing schedules! Indeed, millions who book flights tickets and land in the country are dumbfounded by the plethora of tourist attractions on offer. They come to Australia at all times of the year. They come in winters. They visit in summers. They also take flights during spring and autumn months. But what is the best time to visit Australia? Let us tackle this question and few others related to the same.

The thing is that Australia is a massive nation and there is a whole lot going on in whatever month one plans a plane ride to visit the nation. Australia can be visited any time of the year. It is usually the person, his discretion and his fancies that determine the best months to board flights to Australia.

Summer (December to February) is the time to hit the south of the country.

summer-holidays-in-australiaThis is the time when places like Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra come into their own, tempting tourists from all over the book air tickets and come and enjoy its beach offerings. The weather is great and people can take part in a cosmos of recreational pursuits like hiking, biking, etc. While south is the place to be in summer months, the central and northern Australia may not be the most welcoming during this season. The central part of Australia is hot in summers while the north is damp and humid. It is not to say that people do not plan holidays in these parts of Australia. They most sure do but there is always this sense of apprehension regarding the weather conditions.

The apprehension just blows away with autumn winds when winters (June to August) come in and make the northern part of Australia truly a treat. It is time to make use of advance-booked air tickets and land up in northern areas like Queensland.

winter-holidays-in-australiaThere is no humidity whatsoever during winters, making it an apt season to warm seats on flights headed for north Australian shores. Central Australia is not bad either, with decent climatic conditions. Down south, winter means a lot of snow and wonderful skiing prospects in the Victorian Alps or the Snowy Mountains.

Holiday makers, who wish a bit of everything, can make tickets reservations on flights that take off during Australian spring and autumn. Spring can be particularly charming with its stunning wildflowers in Outback Australia.

In terms of crowd, Christmas is undeniably the busiest period in the calendar year. This is the period when air tickets to cities like Sydney are shockingly expensive. In case you have a wish to spend Christmas and New Year’s Eve in Australia, make sure you book flights tickets as early as possible, lest you are willing to pay a bomb on last-minute flights.

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