Adventure holidays are becoming increasingly popular among people who have turned 50.

Heading off on an adventure holiday is no longer something that is only reserved for people who have just finished university, as a growing number of older travellers are seeing the appeal of this kind of trip.

Rosie Fuller, editor of Adventure Travel Magazine, said she has seen a growing trend for people in their 50s and even 60s looking to take an adventure break overseas.

Ms Fuller noted that everything from skiing to climbing mountains and volunteering are increasingly being enjoyed by older people, despite all being things that most would previously associate with gap year students.

“New Zealand is certainly a popular destination, [as is] Australia,” Ms Fuller added.

She also noted that as many of the people taking these trips have retired, they are using their free time to spend several months overseas.

The trend for overseas travel among the older age groups was also recently noted by Tom Hall at Lonely Planet, who said Asia is proving to be a big draw for these travellers.

Written by Alex Cochrane

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