Build and discover an unforgettable romance in Australia. Come home to romantic getaways that define and enrich your relationship laying foundation for the future. Couples book tickets on flights arriving in Australia to find a romantic moment together.

A Look at Australia Romantic Places for Holidaying Couples

With astounding sandy beaches, exotic marine life, diverse landscapes and breathtaking sightseeing options many Australian cities ranks among the best romantic destinations in the world luring couples in hordes to book tickets on flights arriving in the country. Here are some of the less talked about draws that make the destination a hit with couples seeking seclusion and privacy.

Palm Cove, Queensland

Palm Cove in Cairns, Queensland is one of the most beautiful beaches of Australia. The beach offers a tranquil getaway for couples to snuggle away in utmost privacy. A series of posh villas and exquisite holiday properties are available around the beach offering luxurious holiday stay for couples. Many couples book tickets on Australia bound flights for a beachfront wedding at Palm Cove and luckily, the beaches are lined with chapels and churches offering wedding services.

Daylesford, Victoria

Couples booking tickets on flights bound for Australia looking for a private time together can look no further than Daylesford. The city features award-winning rejuvenating spas, wine cellars and romantic getaways. Couples can indulge in holistic therapies, dine on the delectable cuisine and enjoy the natural and beautiful surroundings. The exquisite hotels speckled in the city also offer stylish rooms with luxury spa service for couples.

Pacific Palms, New South Wales

Newly-weds, couples, or travellers booking tickets on flights arriving in Australia looking for a secluded and romantic time must visit Pacific Palms. Pacific Palms sits pretty, quietly nestled away between calm waters and palm forest. Furnished with a white sandy sparsely populated beachfront, couples can expect a quiet time together here.

Hamilton Island, Queensland

Hamilton Island at the edge of Great Barrier Reef is one of the most popular Whitsunday islands offering an idyllic island experience. For couples booking tickets on flights landing in Australia for an engaging time together, Hamilton Island is the best place to be. Hamilton Island offers a multitude of activities and luxurious accommodation options to suit the most discerning traveller. Couples will have choice of kayaking in the sea, game fishing, taking scenic helicopter rides or just simply relaxing at the beach.

Dunsborough, Western Australia

Located at a distance of merely three hours from Perth, Dunsborough boasts of a pristine white beach with cobalt blue water. There are local wineries around the place that make it ideal for a romantic walk and an opportunity to indulge in some wine tasting. The place is ideal for couples who have booked tickets on flights bound for Australia, looking for a lazy, private getaway.

Lorne, Victoria

Lorne has been attracting travellers from around the world to book tickets on flights arriving in Australia with its charming scenery and amazing seaside location. The place is apt for couples to unwind, recuperate and relax. The weather here is mild and there are several galleries, shops and boutiques for cheap souvenir collection. Do not forget to drive around one of the world’s most iconic scenic touring routes, the Great Ocean Road. Stand together overlooking the cascading waterfalls in the Otway Ranges and the surrounding regions. Find a romantic time together here that is truly worth the pounds and time that you spend on booking tickets on flights arriving in Australia.

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