Ancient Islamic culture, astounding architectural wonders, nature trails as well as UNESCO sites – all these can be possible in one trip of Morocco. If you are booking tickets for Morocco bound flights, here is some useful info that might help.


Featuring an incredible contrast of arid desert and snowy mountains, ancient culture and modern cosmopolitan atmosphere – Morocco is a place where nature and culture intermingle harmoniously. The African country features a perfect combination of historic elements, natural marvels, and a plethora of adventurous activities which add popularity to travel tickets aboard flights to Morocco. Travellers planning holiday here get an opportunity to explore the old medina, thought provoking museums, traditional markets and scenic coasts. Here is a rundown to few unique activities in Morocco for those planning to book air tickets to the nation.

Walk Along the Blue Streets of Chefchaouen

If you love the colour blue, Chefchaouen is your place! Located at the heart of Rif Mountains, Morocco, this place is really stunning to look at. The streets and most of the buildings in the old town are painted in blue. The destination is easily accessible from different areas in Morocco. Budget travellers landing on flights at any of the international airports of the country can buy bus tickets from Casablanca, Fez or Rabat to reach here. The township flaunts its natural beauty with a touch of typical Moroccan culture. While the clear blue sky and grand mountains add a magical stroke to this urban area, the old part of Chefchaouen brims with tourists as well as locals.

Climb the High Atlas

Commonly called Idraren Draren by the ancient tribal community of Morocco, the High Atlas peak is considered the trekkers’ paradise. No doubt this is the most scenic area in Morocco and the highest summit of the High Atlas mountain range is often included in the itineraries of most adventure freaks arriving on flights at this African country. Many tour operators offer lucrative deals on camping tours to the mountaineers. Standard packages include accommodation, air tickets, foods and medical facilities. Adrenal junkies booking flights to Morocco with a desire to hike this rocky terrain are advised to carry professional mountaineering gears.

Visit Some UNESCO Heritage Sites

Travelling in Morocco and not taking a tour to Marrakech is not a good thing! UNESCO world heritage sites here welcome thousands of tourists every year. A quick visit to Palais de la Bahia, Dar Si Said, Saadian Tombs, Mellah and Badi Palace is well worth the cost of air tickets to the city. If you have a penchant for Islamic history and tradition, these sites will surly quench your thirst. Another UNESCO heritage site in Morocco, Essaouira boasts prehistoric remnants. While nature enthusiasts find the seaside more fascinating, the historians are often found on a quest for tickets to various museums. The amazingly designed fortifications by the ocean, the slender alleyways, the smell of fish and the moist ground, and the gusty wind give flights to traveller’s fancies!!

Gain a Bathing Experience in a Traditional Hammam

In ancient Morocco taking bath in private bathrooms was a sign of affluence and lavishness. Hence, most locals used to come to bathe and scrub in public lavatories which are known as Hammams. However, as time has changed and the privacy has increased, taking bath in hammams is now a symbol of tradition. Many holidaymakers who land on flights at Morocco are often seen to be interested in gaining a bathing experience in traditional Moroccan way. Many star rated resorts and hotels features upscale hammams where one can experience aroma therapy massage and scrubbing with local products.

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