Bali and unforgettable vacation are synonymous. With its exotic beaches, magical aura of mysticism, delectable Balinese delicacies and incredible range of flora and fauna, this Far East destination promises a memorable holiday to its visitors.


The island of Bali is truly a piece of paradise on the earth. With its balmy weather, tranquil ocean water, soft powdery sand strips and rich wilderness – Bali is always a favourite holiday destination among the vacationers contemplating to reserve tickets on flights for holidaying in the Far East. Besides, the unique culture and superb hospitality of Balinese, myriad religious sites, lip smacking sea food, shopping lures and many other attractions literally force tourists to board Bali bound flights from all over the world. Here are some of the reasons why flight tickets for Bali sell like hot cakes.

Incredible Natural Pursuits

Bali flaunts its incredible range of colourful flora and rich fauna. The destination features many nature reserves and wildlife sanctuaries those are homes to a diverse range of vegetation and animals. Nature lovers booking tickets aboard flights landing at Bali usually get a visual treat by witnessing vibrant and colourful blooming buds dancing on the tunes of breeze. Apart from multihued flowers, one can get a chance to witness panthers, leopards, monkeys, Komodo Dragons and tigers while here.

In Search of Spirituality

Every year, numerous spiritual travellers take flights for Bali with a desire to immerse in the mysticism of the place. The country is dotted with uncountable temples. One of the most popular temples in this island paradise is Tanah Lot Temple which tops the itineraries of the holy souls booking air tickets to this Far East destination. Located in South Bali, this amazing site provides a spectacular sight of sunset which is worth more than the money spent on entry tickets!!

Memorable Culinary Experiences

The culinary creation of Bali is another key reason for foodies to look for cheap deals on tickets aboard flights disembarking here. For travellers netting air tickets to the Far East destinations and craving for Indonesian delicacies, Bali is one of the perfect places to arrive in. The main ingredients used in local delicacies are ginger and lemongrass along with regional spices. Bebek Betutu, Lawar, Sate, tofu and Babi Gulling are some of the mouth watering dishes. Don’t forget to taste the Nasi Goren, the national dish of Bali, before boarding flights back home.

Unwind by the Seashore

Bali promises an unmatched holiday experience and lots of memories to cherish. For holidaymakers to disembark flights at this island paradise and not visit the gorgeous beaches is something next to impossible! Beachcombers are often found to look for bus and ferry tickets to reach several beaches like Kuta, Sanur, Padang Padang, Lovina and Dreamland. The breathtaking natural scenery, the clean sand strips washed by warm water, the clear blue sky with white patches of clouds, with the lush green surroundings as backdrop are more than enough to give flights to anyone’s fancy! Apart from the scenic beauty, holidaymakers can indulge into water fun, including surfing, scuba diving, fishing and playing Frisbee.

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