It’s difficult to be in the Bahamas, and not practically live on the beach. The subtropical islands, with their gorgeous beaches, warm waters, astonishing marine life, and thrilling water adventure avenues, make it difficult to do anything else in the Bahamas. But those who manage to cure their beach hangover; the Bahamas offers plenty of other offbeat activities that are sure to impress tourists of all tastes.

Here are top five offbeat things you can do in the Bahamas beyond the beach:


Visit the Dolphin House

The Dolphin House is not a house where dolphins live or an aquarium as they name would have led you to believe, it is instead a house constructed by a local author, artist and historian living on the Bimini Island. Named Ashley Saunders, the man has decorated the entire house with the recycled materials. The walls of the house are covered in mosaics, tiles, bottles, shells, coins and so on retrieved from demolishing sites on the island over a period of time. Ashley’s love for sea life and art has led to the house being turned into a mini-museum that has elements representing the history of the island including the old cannon balls and items from the old Rod & Gun Club. You can visit the house as a part of the walking tour of the Alice Town. Free tours can also be arranged on request.

Spend Time at the Glass Window Bridge

A natural stone arch separating the Atlantic Ocean from the Caribbean Sea, the Glass Window Bridge is a phenomenal structure that wows you with the sheer coincidence of its existence. Touted the “Narrowest Place on Earth”, the bridge has been destroyed and rebuilt several times over the past 130 years. The distinction between the waters of the Atlantic and the Caribbean Sea is so prominent standing on this bridge in the Eleuthera Island that you get the feeling of being privy to one of nature’s secrets that it unravels only for those who come looking. Connecting the north island to the south, the bridge is accessible by car or bike.

Witness the under Water Plane Wreck near Staniel Cay

Underwater sea wreckage usually lies several feet deep in water bodies and are accessible only to professional divers who have the expertise to reach it. However, the plane wreck near Staniel Cay Yacht Club lies only 6 feet deep in the water, making it easily accessible to anyone who wishes to explore. Home to several species of fish as well as coral reefs, the wreckage is an exciting place for enthusiasts of marine life. There are high chances of spotting the nurse sharks at this site of wreckage.

Make Your Own Perfume at the Perfume Factory

Located in the International Bazaar, Freeport, the Factory of Fragrances is one of the places that you are sure to have a good time at. Boasting island fragrances such as Sand Cologne, Pink Pearl, Island Promises and Guanahani, the factory also lets you make your own fragrance and give it a name. The free tour of the factory familiarises you with the production techniques for various perfumes and you are given your own free sample of perfume by the end of it. The place is ideal to take back a souvenir from your Bahamas trip.

Spend a Few Leisurely Hours at the Lucaya Park

Spread over 40 acres, the Lucaya National Park is a destination in its own right. Populated by trees of mangroves, palm and pine, the park also boasts a stunning Gold Rock Beach along with one of the longest underwater limestone caves in the world. The lovely white sand beaches are perfect for visitors looking to spend some lazy hours whereas those looking for activity can indulge in kayaking or horse riding.

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