Sharm el-Sheikh is popularly known for its beautiful coastline, underwater coral reefs, and spectacular landscapes. Located along the Red Sea, the modern resort town is perfect to enjoy the beauty of coral reefs and play water sports. Here’s a sneak peek into the 5 most attractive coral reefs.


Ras Um Sid Beach and Reef

One of the city’s most popular beaches, Ras Um Sid Beach and Reef is situated near the lighthouse in the southern end of the town. On a normal day, visitors can enjoy the excellent off shore activities or indulge in numerous water sports and sightseeing. Also, experience the colourful underwater life from close quarters.

Jolanda Reef

Located in the northern part of the Red Sea, Jolanda Reef, also known as Yolanda Reef, is the most popular dive site in Sharm. Every day, thousands of visitors flock around the site to explore the remains of the old Cypriot freighter ship that ran aground in 1980. The reef hosts hundreds of batfish, jackfish, and barracudas.

Jackson Reef

Located between the Straits of Tiran and the southern tip of Saudi Arabia, Jackson Reef is the city’s prime dive site. The ancient site is home to sharks and large pelagic fish. A highly popular attraction here is the wreck of Cypriot freighter, Lara which is believed to have sunk in 1985. It is common to see turtles feeding on corals here.

Thomas Reef

The smallest yet one of the most spectacular of reefs, the Thomas Reef offers incredible underwater vistas and a perfect diving experience. Visitors can navigate the complete reef in the course of a single dive on a normal weather day. Numerous gorgonian fan corals, long-nosed hawk fish, and colonies of black coral are to be found here.

Garden’s Reef

Situated in the northern end of Naama Bay, Garden’s Reef is a popular diving site. The reef system hosts three diverse snorkelling and diving sites called Near Garden, Middle Garden, and Far Garden. Among the three, Near Garden is home to some of the most amazing coral pinnacles and schools of clown fish and butterfly fish. You can enjoy the beautiful underwater marine life with a deep dive in the sea.

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