From the beautiful parks to amazing historic site, Atlanta has a number of attractions that catch the interest of visitors. Holidaymakers who are booking tickets to the flights reaching this metropolis will surely find their kind of attraction here.

Home to the busiest airport and largest aquarium in the world, Atlanta offers a myriad of things to its visitors. People who are booking tickets on flights to this city will find no dearth of entertainment and sightseeing options here. Though all the attractions in the town are great to visit there are few that one must not miss on their first time visit. Here are just five of them.

Piedmont Park 911
Situated about 2 miles northeast of central Atlanta, Piedmont Park is an ideal place to spend some quality time with family. There are a number of places in the park that are perfect picnic spots. Thoe who wish to picnic should bring their own food as there are no stalls or food corners allowed in the park before any kind of special event. There are spaces in the park especially for certain sports like soccer, bocce and others. Piedmont Park also offers a number of fitness courses. Those who are booking flights tickets to Atlanta and can spare half a day should definitely not miss this.

Fox Theatre
Anyone who blocks tickets to the flights arriving Atlanta for a perfect holiday never fails to visit the iconic Fox Theatre. Theatre is renowned for its Atlanta Opera and Atlanta Ballet, a fascinating attraction to look out for. Apart from that, now, the theatre hosts a number of programmes like comedy shows, musicals, dance performances and a lot more. The theme of Fox Theatre is Egyptian and just a simple visit, even if you choose to skip watching any performance, offers a lot to see. From the exteriors to the inner décor, everything looks magnificent. There are also daily tours available for holidaymakers.

Atlanta Botanical Garden
Walk in the evening and you might even find fairies here. The dazzling botanical garden boasts an amazingly diverse and beautiful collection of fauna that are perfectly adorned with about a million lights. Take a look at the sculptures and creations by the artists, admire the breathtaking beauty of Orchid Display House and High Elevation House, a rare display of orchids – there is simply no corner in the park that one may find not worth loving. Though one can visit the park throughout the day but as the sun starts to leave for the day, park’s beauty reaches at its peak.

Georgia Aquarium
Home to more than a hundred thousand sea creatures, Georgia Aquarium is the largest aquarium in the world. People who are grabbing hold of tickets aboard flights reaching Atlanta and have a love for underwater world should not miss visiting this place. Get up close with penguins, sea otters and dolphins; watch the renowned Beluga Whales; watch jelly fish in 3D as the 4D titillating sensation runs through your body – There are no limits to thrills here. Whale Sharks and Manta Rays are also the prime attractions here.

Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site
To add the dash of historic charm in the trip, travellers should take a tour to the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site. Stretched across about 35 acres, the historic site has Dr. King’s original gravesite, the current tomb, the boyhood home of Dr King, Ebenezer Baptist Church and other places to visit. The International Civil Rights Walk of Fame at this site is the only walkway that has the original shoe prints of the civil rights activists. There are many motivational videos, audios and writings of Dr King that tourists can check at ‘The King Centre’. GPS rangers are also available on rent for a walking tour.

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