The Golden Gate Bridge of San Francisco is one of the longest suspension bridges ever built. It is an iconic landmark of the USA and continues to be a popular draw among tourists booking tickets on international flights to this thriving city in USA.


The Golden Gate Bridge has long been an iconic landmark of San Francisco, the teeming metropolis located on the western sea board of the USA. This city is among the most popular tourist attractions of the United States and thousands of travellers reserve tickets on San Francisco bound flights for a visit. Considered to be a popular tourist attraction among both international and domestic travellers, the scenic panorama that unfolds from atop this link is unrivalled. However the sights are not the only thing on offer for visitors making their way to the Golden Gate Bridge as this city landmark offers numerous activities that can make the trip memorable. Following are the top five popular activities on offer at this iconic attraction and its nearby areas.

First Views of the Bridge

Though a picture is often worth a thousand words or more, a view of the real thing is definitely something worth remembering for anyone who books air tickets to the city. Some of the best places to get a memorable view of this iconic landmark include the Hyde Street Pier, the Coit Tower and the numerous lookout spots along the Marin Headlands. However travellers booking their passage on USA bound flights can only get these majestic views on a clear day. For those coming to the city on a foggy day, getting tickets to the bus service and crossing the viaduct is sure to be memorable. The ride allows them to experience only the sections that are close by while the rest of this structure remains shrouded in mystery. This ride is sure to give flights to the fancies of even the most discerning foreign tourist.

Walking Across on Foot

The planners of this causeway provided pedestrian walkways, which ensure that travellers making this trek of over a mile each way get breathtaking views of the bay area and its many bustling piers. On a clear day, holidaymakers booking tickets on San Francisco bound flights can look forward to observing unmatched views of the nearby areas if they choose to walk along this marvel of engineering. During this walk one might observe the controversial emergency phones which have been placed there to aid people who require help.

A Bicycle Ride across This Gateway

The next best thing to taking a walk across this structure is a bike ride. It is easy to rent bikes in this USA metropolis and one of the most popular places to do so is the famed Fisherman’s Wharf. It is advisable for those making this trip to carry jackets as it can get pretty cold during this ride. Travellers booking air tickets on long haul flights that terminate in San Francisco can ill afford to miss out on this incredible adventure.

Souvenir Shopping

souvenir-shoppingMost international tourists reserving tickets onboard flights that land in this city of the US look forward to buying memorabilia for themselves and their loved ones. One of the best places to do so near the Golden Gate Bridge is the Roundhouse located at the southern end of this engineering marvel in USA. This is a heritage building of the area and was originally conceived as a restaurant.

A Visit to the Lone Sailor Museum

A naval statue which has been replicated numerous times and placed at key locations across the USA, one of these is present near the southern section of this feat of modern engineering. Those disembarking flights in San Francisco should definitely treat themselves to the majestic views of the nearby area that includes Alcatraz, Angel Island and Sausalito. Interested visitors can also get ferry tickets to get a view of this iconic causeway from the water. It is an impressive sight that is sure to leave international visitors in the USA gloating.

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