Unless you’ve been living in the caves, you know that Prince Harry is all set to marry American actress Meghan Markle in a ceremony that is expected to gather thousands of people in Windsor on the 19th of May, Saturday. As witnessed in the past, a royal wedding is a huge event in the UK and given a great anticipation amongst crowds, the wedding is telecasted all through the country. But if you would rather travel to Windsor Castle to join the crowds cheering up for the royals, here are a few things that you need to know:

Passengers won’t be affected due to Berkshire town being a ‘No Fly Zone’

To avoid any noise during the Royal Wedding, all planes will be banned from flying over the Berkshire town. However, this will not affect the passengers flying into Heathrow London as a spokesperson of the airport has confirmed that “flights from Heathrow won’t need to be redirected under this ban”. In fact, passengers arriving in the UK on the day of the Royal Wedding are in for a treat as they will be offered lemon and elderflower cupcakes on arrival.

Guidelines for driving to Windsor

If you planning on driving to the Windsor Castle for the wedding, you should aim to reach early in the morning to avoid road closures that will start at 10am. Parking spaces, opening for access at 4am, are available on a pre-booking basis at the Review Ground and Windsor Racecourse. The Windsor Boy’s School has also opened its grounds to be used as parking space, but only on ‘first come, first serve’ basis.

Travelling to Windsor by train

The trains will start for Windsor as early as 4am on the day of the wedding and extra carriages have been arranged at both Windsor & Eton Central and Windsor & Eton Riverside stations. People have strictly been advised to book their tickets in advance and to travel light to reach Windsor without much hassle. Expect delays as a queuing system will be in place at all stations. Start early if you want to reach for the wedding that is expected to start at 12pm.

Few Smart Tips for Travellers:

  • The Long Walk and the Kings Road are the best places to stand as you will be on the route of the procession. There will also be a number of refreshment options available around, along with temporary toilets in these areas
  • Around 60,000 spectators are expected to arrive at Windsor making it quite possible for you to be separated from your family in the crowds. As phone networks are also expected to go erratic and slow, decide a point where all your family members can meet each other in such an event
  • Once the wedding procession is over, don’t be in a rush to leave Windsor as huge crowd will try and leave resulting in delays. Spend time at a restaurant of cafe and leave when the noise has died out
  • If you are lost or confused, you can go to the police officers deployed for help. They will be across the town and also everywhere on your journey to Windsor

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