Whether booking Bangkok flights with your friends or partner, there is lot to do and enjoy in this lively city. But one can add a differentiating charm to their trip while visiting the city museums. Let’s check a few you should certainly buy entrance tickets for!

Effervescent nightlife and sumptuous shopping entice scores of travellers to reserve tickets to fly to Bangkok. However, there are few attractions as well that one must visit prior to boarding their flights back home; and museums in Bangkok tops this list. The Thai capital is home to numerous museums however, they are overshadowed by the glittering after dark entertainment, dazzling shopping malls and serene Buddhist temples. Here’s a list of few popular ones that are worth a visit.

Batman Museum

Officially known as Batcat Toy Museum, this is a must-visit site for travellers reserving flights to enjoy holidays in Bangkok with their kids. It is the largest toy museum in Thailand and is a heaven for Batman fans. Despite being located in the outskirts of Bangkok, it is emerging as a definite attraction for the fans of superheroes. Entry tickets are available at the venue and as soon as you step into the facility, it’s a fascinating world around you which comprises of state of the art toys of Iron Man, Spiderman, Superman, Captain America and various other fictional characters known for their heroics.

The Human Body Museum

This one of a kind museum might sound creepy to majority of travellers who are boarding flights just to be a part of the scintillating lifestyle of Bangkok. But for some it is a different attraction to add uniqueness to their holidays in Thailand. It is located at Chulalongkornand University’s Dentistry Faculty Building and features dissected human bodies imported from Japan. These bodies are exhibited in two small rooms and allow visitors to know details of our nervous system, structure of skeleton, digestive system, brain and much more. Faint hearted might regret their decision of buying tickets to this one!

Bangkok Forensic Museum

This is one site that tops the list of creepiest attractions in Bangkok. Numerous students on a quest to join the field of advanced biology should net tickets aboard flights landing at Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok and visit Siriraj Hospital where this facility is located. While walking through the Pathology Room, visitors can take a closer look at kids affected by genetic disorders, variety of parasites, tape worms as well as snakes and spiders made from plastic.

Museum of Siam

This invigorating museum is housed in a neoclassical building and is one of the most profound places to explore the evolution of Thailand. History lovers disembarking flights at Bangkok Airport can ill afford to miss out on visiting this spot. First part of this building is dedicated to the historical highlights of the nation and Buddhism. There are numerous interactive displays narrating the spellbinding story of Thailand. Other rooms focus on the modern Thailand and western impressions on its culture.

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