Stellenbosch is one of the oldest towns of South Africa and its friendly people beckon those seeking a relaxing vacation in the country. Here’s a closer look at its many charms for those planning to buy tickets on flights to the country.


Stellenbosch, the Town of Oaks, in South Africa features a rich cultural heritage and has emerged as a popular tourist attraction among those buying air tickets to the country. Getting there is easy enough because it is within driving distance of Cape Town’s international airport, which handles flights from all over the world. Following are the some of the leading attractions and activities for holidaymakers visiting the area.

The Route amidst the Vines

Established as an urban habitation way back in 1679, the vineyards here are among the oldest in South Africa. The official “Stellenbosch American Express® Wine Routes” was established much more recently in 1971. The complete journey is comprised of five sub-routes, which takes holidaymakers through the hundreds of wineries and grape producers who operate within the Stellenbosch Wine of Origin classification. Globally recognized for their quality, fermented grape beverages from the region have been the recipient of numerous awards around the world. During this amazing journey, travellers can be part of the numerous sales, cellar visits and tastings that are organized almost daily at the vineyards. Some of the leading vineyards even offer picnic spots, carriage rides, amphitheatres, art galleries and accommodations for their international patrons. Once a year the two leading organizations of the area, “American Express® Wine Routes” and “University Woordfees” team up for their unique “Word and Wine” event. Attending this celebration is sure to leave tourists gloating about their decision to purchase tickets aboard flights to the rainbow nation.

Cultural Exploration

Being hundreds of years old, this urban centre of South Africa provides architecture buffs with the unique opportunity to closely study modern Victorian, Georgian and Cape Dutch architecture side by side at the same place. This old urban centre draws its popular nickname from the numerous old green oak trees found throughout the area. The most sought after destinations in this region include museums, old heritage buildings as well as monuments and parks. Popular guided tours here include the Lückhoff Building (an apartheid museum), the leading South African University in the area as well as a cultural tour of the local communities. Those interested in exploring the rich local heritage further may easily visit other attractions such as The Village Museum, Libertas Parva, The Rhenish Church, The Rupert Museum, The Burgherhuis and many more. Most of these are open to public throughout the year and entry tickets if applicable are quite cheap just like most other places in South Africa. Best time to take such a trip is during the early summer months but being the peak season, the availability of tickets for cheap flights is bound to be low.

Outdoor Activities

Being located amidst the diverse and picturesque landscape of Cape Winelands in South Africa, this place offers visitors with unmatched opportunities for sightseeing and outdoor activities. Near this town, mountains, hills, forests, streams and valleys abound, which makes it the perfect destination for adventurers booking tickets aboard flights that are destined for South Africa. Some of the popular adventure activities here include hand-gliding, rock climbing, mountain biking, hiking, horseback riding, short flights aboard small aircraft and much more. This urban centre also features a fully equipped 18-hole golf course managed by the local Golf Club, which is challenging to local and international players alike with its water features and parkland holes. With so much to do and see in such a small area, it is no wonder that every year thousands of tourists make their way to South Africa by purchasing tickets aboard international flights and visit this premier destination.

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