The Ko Tane Living Maori Village is a brilliant introduction to the indigenous Maori people of New Zealand.

Travellers on flights to Christchurch curious about the indigenous Maori people of New Zealand will have no better introduction to their amazing history and way of life than the Ko Tane Living Maori Village.

The village is a replica of how Maoris used to live and an immersive experience that begins with a traditional welcome ceremony.

At first intimidating – after all, everyone knows about the famous All Blacks pre-match haka dance – once visitors become familiar with the culture of the Maori people, they leave wondering what they were so worried about.

Through breathtaking performances of traditional waiata, haka, poi and ti rakau, people get to see how the Maori culture has evolved over the years.

There is also an opportunity to learn about the many challenges the Maori people have faced in the harsh conditions of the Polynesian Islands as well the changes brought by outside human interference.

Listen as they narrate the story about the coming of the Pakeha (fair-skinned ones) which impacted on their traditional way of life.

It is worth noting that the village is set inside the Willowbank Wildlife Reserve, which has a dedicated New Zealand section.

Travellers can see native birds and reptiles, as well as the adorable kiwi, a flightless bird unique to New Zealand.

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