Still time to catch Louise McRae’s exhibition.

Art lovers on flights to Auckland still have time to check out a literally colourful exhibition by the New Zealand artist Louise McRae.

Entitled Things I Want To Make, the show at the Seed Gallery showcases McRae’s latest dynamic sculptures shaped out of the everyday detritus found in her rural environment.

This includes painting on top of scrap timber, splitting them into shards and then reassembling them into patterned pieces of work.

Together it takes on a new form that is more than the sum of its parts, like, for example, the sculpture that looks as though the sun and its rays are spilling out onto a colourful sky.

Colour figures a lot in the show, for which McRae has used a “lustrous charred timber” to create a jewelled effect.

There are references to cubism in her work as the sculptures investigate the ideas of time, space and motion as well as the visual distortions of reality.

The natural elements of sculptures are not easily identifiable, bringing into question their true meaning.

The exhibition ends July 2nd 2011.

Written by Erin Marshall

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