Famous for the classic savannah safaris, Kenya is a gorgeous country on the western side of Africa. The destination grabs the attention of travellers with contrasting features such as dense forests, hot deserts, open plains, freshwater lakes, and coral reefs. It will not be an exaggeration to say that Kenya is a nature-lover’s paradise. It is, indeed! We have researched online and come up with experiences that can be cherished by all. 

Have Breakfast and Snacks with the Giraffes


Image Credits: Giraffe Manor Hotel

Giraffe Manor is a small, charming hotel in the Karen suburb of Nairobi. With comfortable beds, elegant interiors, lush green gardens, and delightful courtyards, it offers everything a hotel guest could ask for! The exquisite property has a group of Rothschild Giraffes who visit guests in the mornings and evenings. They stick their long necks through the windows hoping for some food. This unique sight wins the heart of everyone present here.

Observe the Culture of Maasai

There’s not a better way to learn about the traditions and culture of Maasai than to experience it first-hand! Maasai Association, a community based non-profit organization, offers stay in Maasai village, walking safari with Maasai warriors, meeting with the elders of the same ethnic group, and a lot more! One may also spot footprints of lions and giraffes beside the high acacia trees. While returning, they’ll be served the ultra-delicious Maasai chai. 

Participate in the Snake Safari

Kenya is home to over 120 species of snakes. Some of the deadliest ones are the Green Mamba, Boomslang, Cobra, Black Mamba, and Puff Adder. Naturally, snake safaris are pretty popular here. Travellers participate in them to enjoy wild walks, river rafting, and to spot the slithering creatures. They even get to learn about snakes and their role in the vast eco-system. Snake Safari must tried by all!

Dine in Ali Barbour’s Cave Restaurant with your Lover

Ali Barbour’s Cave is believed to be between 120,000 and 180,000 years old. The cave has been transformed into a restaurant with tables, chairs, and lights. This means couples can admire the twinkling stars when sitting at a table 10 metres below the ground. This one-of-a-kind restaurant serves international cuisine – cooked to perfection and well-presented! Seafood is their speciality and should not be missed anyhow.

Relax under the Sun at Diani Beach

Diani Beach is truly beautiful with white sands and crystal clear waters. People can relax here and enjoy the warmth of the sun. Water-based activities like swimming and surfing are very common here. The beach is nearly 10 kilometres long, from the River Congo to the north and Galu Beach to the south. Beach-lovers will love this spot for sure.

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