Holidaymakers booking flights to India’s golden city of Jaisalmer may be keen to ensure that their presence does not cause any damage to the beautiful attraction.


Travellers have been advised on how to prepare for holidays in sites of historical or natural significance, to ensure that they do not cause unnecessary damage to the regions that they visit.

Anyone planning flights to India, for example, may be interested to hear that the ‘golden city’ of Jaisalmer is on the critical list of endangered tourism hotspots compiled by Wanderlust.

However, that need not dissuade people keen to visit the attraction from booking flights to India in order to do so.

Erika Harms, executive director of the Tourism Sustainability Council, explains that there are a few simple steps of preparation that people can take in order to minimise any negative impact that their presence might have on a tourist region.

These range from choosing a holiday provider with a commitment to sustainability, to seeking guidance on the appropriate ways to behave while at any particular site of importance worldwide.

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