People who book flights to India and take a safari in search of wild tigers could be aiding conservation efforts, it has been claimed.

 Travellers who book flights to India and undertake a tiger safari during their stay could be helping to conserve the endangered animals, one wildlife expert has claimed.

A spokesperson for Born Free explained that the presence of tourists in tiger reserves can help deter poachers and also discourage destruction of the forest.

She added that although tiger tourism is often badly regulated, the risks to tiger conservation “could – and should – be far outweighed by the potential benefits”.

Her comments come following reports earlier this month which suggested that tiger tourism is to be banned in India.

In a press release, the Indian Ministry of Environment and Forests stated that this is not the case, noting that detailed guidelines relating to eco tourism are currently being drawn up.

The Born Free representative advised anyone on holidays to India who wants to see tigers in their natural habitat should ensure that they head to a destination that is accredited by Travel Operators for Tigers.

Written by Erin Marshall

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