Will Delhi’s residents come up smelling of roses in time for the Commonwealth Games next year?

People booking cheap flights to Delhi in time for the Commonwealth Games next year may disembark their planes to crowds of super-polite citizens.

This is because India’s interior minister P Chidambaram has requested locals in Delhi to clean up their language and manners in order to make guests heading to the city in 2010 feel more welcome, reports the Telegraph.

Inhabitants of the city should make an effort to “change their mindset”, he said, in a statement that garnered support from the city’s chief minister.

Pavane Varma, a senior Indian diplomat and the author, said that the concise manner of Delhi’s citizens stems from their history.

“People have had to fight for what they have and be aggressive to retain what they have. That brash culture has remained with Delhi,” the newspaper quotes him as saying.

Earlier this month, the Nielsen Upper Middle and Rich survey named Delhi as India’s most affluent city and home to some of the country’s richest individuals.

Written by Ruth Norris

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