People who have booked flights to Egypt and want to see some of the country’s most famous historical sights should consider taking to the waters for a cruise, one journalist has claimed.

Anyone who has booked flights to Egypt with the intention of seeing   some of the country’s ancient landmarks may be interested in the recommendations of one journalist following a recent trip.

John Craven, the Countryfile and former Newsround presenter, explained that a cruise on Lake Nasser to see Abu Simbel offered “seven days total relaxation in unqualified luxury”.

Writing in the Daily Mail about his holiday, Mr Craven noted that the cruise around the large body of water to one of Egypt’s most famous sights was “infinitely more peaceful” than a trip down the Nile.

He added: “Cruising through the desert is a unique way to absorb both ancient Egypt and the modern miracles of archaeologists and water engineers.”

In the 1960s, the entire Abu Simbel temple and other neighbouring monuments were moved to higher ground when they were under threat of submersion due to the construction of the High Dam on the Nile.

Written by Ruth Norris

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