Aswan in Egypt could be an ideal place for holidaymakers to take a unique break.

 A travel writer has hailed Aswan as a must-see place for those who are looking to experience Egypt off the beaten path of many other holidaymakers.

Small-scale entrepreneurs such as fishing boat operators and independent hoteliers contribute to the charm of the area, according to Observer writer Anthony Sattin.

He explained Aswan is steeped in history and has attracted a number of high-profile visitors over the years, including Florence Nightingale and Flaubert.

Situated in the south of Egypt in the area formerly known as Nubia, Aswan boasts plenty of opportunities for exploring, including the Philae Temple, the Aswan Dam and Elephant Island, as well as the Nubian Cultural Centre.

Individuals who are keen to explore the area by water may wish to go out on a boat to experience “an exquisite hour or two” as the sun sets.

“Nowhere is the light more dramatic than on the river at the end of the day,” Mr Sattin wrote.

“The sky above and the water below change from blue to pink and later, in a final act of alchemy, from blood red to star-studded mercurial black.”

People who want to book a flight to Egypt to visit Aswan should plan to fly to Cairo from the UK before continuing the journey on a local carrier, as there are no direct services to the area.

Written by Alex Cochrane

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